Repairing troubled vehicles is a time-consuming and meticulous process especially when you’re dealing with a delicate part. You can’t risk getting into accidents just because you misplaced a bolt, a chain, or forgot an important piece. When it comes to this job, you need the proper lighting that provides great illumination be it day or night. This is where the NEBO Inspector 500+ flashlight comes in.

This is a workman’s handy tool that gives you two modes to work with: Penlight and Area Light Modes. In the former, you are guaranteed 500 lumens of bright light at Turbo, which is good for half an hour and with a beam reach of 142 meters. Meanwhile, high, low, and strobe gives you 3.5, 8, and 2.5 hours of illumination, respectively, each with a reach of 98, 31, and 98 meters.

As for the Area Light, the hours remain but the reach changes with Turbo at just 16 meters, and 11, 6, and 11 meters, for high, low, and strobe, respectively. Conveniently, the NEBO Inspector 500+ flashlight runs on either rechargeable or AAA batteries and has a battery charging indicator.

Moreover, this EDC flashlight is crafted from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum for durability and is ideal for mechanics because of its added features. It has a powerful magnetic base for hands-free use. You can stick it on top of a car hood or other steel surface. It also comes with a steel clip for on-the-go carry.

The NEBO Inspector 500+ flashlight operates on an On/Off button positioned on the rear. It is also lightweight for everyday use at just 0.1375 pounds and compact at 6.3″. It is also not bulky in the hands at just 0.7″ in diameter. These measurements eliminate the need for a tool bag as you can just easily slip it into your pocket.

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Images courtesy of NEBO Tools