The Nebo Big Poppy serves a dual purpose for the perfect camping experience. It not only works as a handy torch but as a power bank too.

This handy device is small but powerful. It is practically weightless at just 0.3 pounds and compact enough to store inside a small bag. It measures 5.94″ when closed and 8.375″ when opened and has a diameter of 4.06″. It is a practical tool when you need emergency light and an extra power supply for your electric devices.

The Nebo Big Poppy features three light modes: 300 lumens with a three-hour run and 14 meter-reach, a 120 lumens spotlight with a 15-hour capacity and 150 meters reach, and the 10 lumens flickering flame that runs for eight hours. The flickering flame emulator creates the perfect ambiance both indoors and outdoors. Both the 300 lumens and the spotlight are dimmable.

This portable lamp runs on a lithium-ion battery with a two-hour charge requirement through a USB port. The battery also functions as a power bank. It operates via an on-off button and

The Nebo Big Poppy is designed for outdoor use. Its rubberized body is water and impact-resistant. It also has an adjustable handle and features a power memory recall so you don’t have to toggle through the different light settings on your next use as it remembers the last setting you used. Best of all, you can use this light in two ways: as a lamp or flashlight. You can position it sideways for the flashlight position and set it down on its base for lamp mode.

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Images courtesy of Nebo