Wearing a face mask is becoming the new normal these days as we try to protect ourselves from getting the dreaded COVID-19. There are a lot of masks in the market but only a few that can both filter viruses and bacteria while giving comfort to the wearer. The Mystery Ranch Street Mask is one face mask that can do both.

It features a stretchy, washable and reusable TPU headband with a cord lock adjustment that stays snug but does not pull the hair. The cord luck adjustment also allows the user to let the mask hang from the neck when not in use.

Moreover, the Mystery Ranch Street Mask uses a 3D bendable nose piece that shapes to the exact contour of your nose bridge and face. This not only ensures comfort, again, on the user but also further secures that area on your face from possible contamination. The area above the nose is also seamless for all-day comfort that does not irritate the skin and the mask is generally comfortable to wear because it avoids contact with the mouth and lip to prevent chaffing.

As for its level of protection, this mask uses DRI-LEX DRI-BRELLE fabric liner. It is a breathable, non-woven and tight-cell structured fabric characterized by its diamond pattern. It is also known for its better filtration and moisture protection properties. Meanwhile, the exterior uses DRI-LEX STARLIGHT 1033 fabric known for its moisture movement properties and non-abrasive texture. The Mystery Ranch Street Mask comes in two colors: Forest and Navy.

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Mystery Ranch Street Mask

Mystery Ranch Street Mask

Images courtesy of Mystery Ranch