It may be a while before we can go out in public sans wearing a face mask. It may become the new normal as we head into the rest of 2020 and just because it is a must to wear one, doesn’t mean we can only use the somber-colored masks that commonly come in gray, black, or white. We can go fashionable too as long as the mask has the proper filter. The GIR Reusable Face Mask helps keep the COVID-19 at bay while taking the dullness and mundane out of wearing face shields.

This breathable face mask comes in bright, fun colors with names such as Peach, Aqua, Air Kiss, Sunshine, Azure, and Royal. It also comes in black. It uses medical-grade, BPA & BPS free, FDA-approved, and LFGB-approved silicone that has holes on the front. These holes need to be covered with the filter, which you need to put in place yourself. You should ensure that there are no gaps where “free air” can flow.

The GIR Reusable Face Mask already comes with five filters that you must dispose of right away after use. The beauty of this product is you can use your own filter supply. It does not have to come from the manufacturer, although you can purchase additional ones from them too.

The GIR Reusable Face Mask should be worn snug across the face and secured behind the ears or head. You can sterilize it in the dishwasher, in the microwave for 90 seconds or in the oven for five minutes at 300 F. You can also clean it by vigorous hand washing using soap and hot water. The mask is for personal use only and not to replace surgical or medical masks.

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GIR Reusable Face Mask GIR Reusable Face Mask GIR Reusable Face Mask GIR Reusable Face Mask

Images courtesy of GIR