When it comes to wallets, portability and functionality are a must with appealing aesthetics a bonus. A good wallet should be durable, spacious and most of all, pocket-friendly as they are essential everyday carry items. They must not be bulky and heavy and the MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 certainly fits all classifications.

This handy piece is a minimalist wallet precision machined from a solid block of aerospace-grade aluminum. It uses type II military-grade hard-coat anodizing for extreme durability. The coating makes the surface nearly scratch-proof and water-and-sweat proof.

Similar to its predecessor the Apex Wallet, the MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 uses an ergonomic “quick-swipe” thumb-slot for easy card access. This wallet can hold up to seven cards (depending on the card type). It also comes equipped with RFID protection to prevent illegal mining of personal data and an elastic band where you can put in folded bills or receipts. A 1.5″ wide nylon strap also secures the wallet’s contents. It covers credit card information and conceals cash. The strap is also easily replaceable.

Unlike the original, this upgraded version now comes with smooth, rounded corners all throughout. This results in a smooth retrieval from the pocket and ensures safety when held because there are no sharp corners that could get caught on anything in your pocket or accidentally snip your hand.

The MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 is extremely portable at a weight of just 1.4 ounces and slim at merely 1/3 inch thick. It is available in vertical and horizontal orientations and in the colors black and silver.

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MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0 MSTRMND Apex Wallet 3.0

Images courtesy of MSTRMND