In this day and age, slim and practical wallets are the trend and the Nomatic Minimalist Wallet couldn’t be any simpler and slimmer yet effective in keeping your money. It’s the most minimalist wallet you can carry that can hold over 10 cards.

This everyday carry boasts a no-fuss design and function. It’s designed to be as light and slim as possible and durable. Made from medical-grade elastic, this carry holds its shape and keeps your cards snug. It can hold a max of 14 cards and remain sturdy thanks to the use of double stitches inseam along the sides.

As for convenience, the Nomatic Minimalist Wallet has a leather pull tab that allows you to access four of your most used cards. The other cards you can access in the middle by fanning them out through the corner cutout slots. This wallet also features extra storage for other items such as loose change, a key, cash, and other small objects.

This EDC boasts a slim profile and one that doesn’t add bulk or heft to your pocket. It only measures 3.5” x 2.2” x 0.1”. It’s slim enough to fit your front and coat pocket and does not take up space in your bag or back pocket.

Moreover, the Nomatic Minimalist Wallet caters to your personal style. It comes in the colors of red, mint, black, and grey. This money carrier fits anyone, whether you’re a student, a businessman, an athlete, and more. It boasts a classy yet rugged form factor that would go well with any wardrobe.

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Nomatic Minimalist Wallet Nomatic Minimalist Wallet

Nomatic Minimalist Wallet

Images courtesy of Nomatic