Electric bikes are a trend these days and you have a variety of offerings in the market that boasts optimum speed and design. The Movea E-Bike is another choice that ensures good mileage and functionality.

This electric transport lets you go from zero to city in seconds with an integrated 250-watt motor with 30 NM power in the Zehus hub. This power gives you 50 km of assisted riding and a max speed of 25km/hr. A built-in regenerating braking system ensures minimal energy waste so you can pedal through 3000 charge cycles in a 3-hour full charge.

The Movea E-Bike outshines the rest with a wireless control handlebar that connects with the Bitride phone app. This feature reads out battery status, power data, and allows you to change modes and activate regenerative braking. Moreover, it features E3 PURE 3 lights that run nonstop for all-day visibility. The E3 backlights also provide dual-directional beams for visibility in all angles.

Best of all, this e-bike comes with security features with the use of Herlox anti-theft systems that consist of a coded key and hex locks. This prevents the removal of saddle, seat, handlebars, wheels, and so on. It also ensures comfort to the biker thanks to waterproof and durable rubber saddle from Brooks.

The Movea E-Bike is perfect for urban dwellers because it is lightweight, compact and boasts a streamlined design. Its grease and rust-free exterior mean you can park it inside your home after a quick hose down. It is guaranteed durable thanks to advanced no-stretch carbon cord technology that ensures a durable belt and smooth run.

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Images courtesy of Movea