As the world’s leading carmakers push the boundaries of automotive design, we have glimpses of what future machines would look like. Normally, aggressive aerodynamic stylings full of sharp angles and edges are stereotypical of modern high-performance rides. Nonetheless, classic silhouettes remain a timeless favorite as seen on the Plus Four CX-T from Morgan Motor Company.

It may look like an outdated jalopy from several generations ago, but it is deceptively more than that. We know how to appreciate retro aesthetics on modern models and the Plus Four CX-T checks all the boxes. In fact, the manufacturer refers to it as a “rugged and capable overland vehicle” and here’s why.

What started out as a sketch, led the Morgan Motor Company team to tweak the standard platform with substantial modifications. Moreover, with the help of Rally Raid UK, they are endowing the Plus Four CX-T with everything it needs to surpass any challenge.

It’s practically to show off the robust and capable nature of the CX-Generation bonded aluminum chassis. The BMW 2.0-liter twin-turbo engine is intact along with the six-speed manual transmission. Output also remains the same at 255 horsepower with 295 lb-ft of torque.

To ensure dependable performance over any terrain, the suspension system gets an upgrade. The Plus Four CX-T now touts heavy-duty underbody protection, a wider track, and improved ground clearance, and smoother handling even on rough patches.

To aid in your expedition, the rear now sports an equipment rack. It can fit two Pelican luggage cases, two Rotopax 11-liter containers, a Zarges aluminum tool/storage box, and more. Meanwhile, a composite hardtop keeps the elements away from the occupants of the Plus Four CX-T.

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Images courtesy of Morgan Motor Company