Wearable technology has come a long way and is as versatile as ever. We have battery life improvements, additional features, and better sensors for accurate data. Moreover, newer models are now more rugged and can withstand a lot of abuse from impacts and moisture. One example is the Apple Watch Series 4, which is the first smartwatch with a built-in ECG monitor. For the longest time, these gadgets have been available for human use. Now, its time we got a product that is designed for pets. Let’s welcome the arrival of the FitBark 2, which is a dog’s smart wearable.

The interesting device reportedly functions as an activity tracker and sleep monitor for your pooch. This gives owners a detailed overview of their pup’s daily routine and sleeping habits. The data can help you and your vet determine the overall fitness and health of your dog. Using the companion app, users can search for tips on how to properly care for their pet depending on the age, breed, and other factors. Furthermore, it includes in-depth information and trivia regarding specific dog breeds alongside their quirks.

The FitBark 2 does not come with an adjustable strap. Instead, users need to affix the device to their dog’s collar with the included zip ties. It boasts an exceptional battery life of up to six months. Hence, you can spend more time keeping your dog happy and healthy. The default color is black, but you can order additional covers in 12 various colors to match your dog’s style. The durable high-impact polycarbonate shell can accompany your pet where it goes. Furthermore, it is waterproof, which is perfect for breeds that love to swim.

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