Ensure your pet never gets bored or anxious whenever you are away with the VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot. This smart device plays with your fur children to keep them entertained and active.

Separation anxiety often prompts your dogs or cats to pee or defecate anywhere in the house. They also have a tendency to chew anything they can and bark or howl nonstop until you arrive home. Leaving them with toys often helps and this is where the smart robot comes in. It aims to ebb pet anxiety while keeping them strong and active.

This innovative device entertains your pets with activities that stimulate their mind and body. The activities boost their sense of smell, sight, touch, taste, and hearing. It keeps them sharp and active all day even when you’re not at home.

The device uses a companion app so you can set treats time, schedule automatic routines and play with your pet manually from anywhere. It also allows you to modify actions according to your pet’s personality or select a preprogrammed routine. The app lets you manage toss counts, sleep and play time, control activity routines, and check your pet’s activity level.

It is designed with 9 Core IMU sensor positioning so it can navigate any space and detect your pet’s touch, location, direction. The sensors provide endless movement patterns so your pet never gets bored or lethargic.

The VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot has a run time of ten hours and is lightweight at just 1.5 pounds. Best of all, it is made from FDA-approved polycarbonate so it’s safe for your pet to gnaw.

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Photos Courtesy of VARRAM