You’re at the beach. Or out of town. Perhaps at the Bahamas during a much-needed sabbatical. Maybe you’re in Paris at a wine and cheese festival indulging the inner food nerd in you. But then, mouth still full of cheese, you remember the old little rascal back home, and you start worrying whether she has eaten yet.

Pet owners all ask the same question whenever they have to go someplace far and leave their cute little scoundrels behind. “Who’s going to feed her while I’m away?” Well, here’s the answer: the Q1 Smart Automatic Pet Feeder.

This device offers a way to feed your pet even when you’re away. The Q1 Smart Automatic Pet Feeder comes with three feeding modes. The first mode lets you set a customized daily feeding plan that the device will dispense automatically on schedule. The second mode lets you add extra meals on top of the preset plan using the app. The third mode lets you add an extra meal manually via a button on the pet feeder.

You can also choose how fast or slow the food should dispense from the feeder. This is actually wise because scientific research shows that pets are likely to feel more hungry if they eat a whole meal in one sitting. If you pick “slow” mode, the dispenser will release food at increments of three minutes, preventing your pet from gulping everything in one go.

The product’s Kickstarter campaign is still a more than a thousand dollars short of reaching its goal at the time of writing, so visit the page if you want to learn more or preorder.