All the clues have been screaming at our faces since 2019, but Microsoft finally makes it official. The Xbox Series S finally makes its debut followed shortly by its more powerful sibling the Xbox Series X. However, we’re going to focus on the more budget-friendly variant for now. First off, let’s get it out of the way and acknowledge that the $299 price point blew us away.

Even the majority of people in the gaming industry did not expect Microsoft to go that low for a next-generation console. Yet, it seems to match the capabilities that the Xbox Series S brings to the table. Meanwhile, its flagship-grade model boasts specs that is what one would truly consider as a huge leap over what current-generation game systems offer.

Let us start with the aesthetics that immediately sets it apart visually from the Xbox Series X. Instead of the latter’s smart speaker/subwoofer-esque form factor, the Xbox Series S goes for a more traditional look. In fact, Microsoft claims it is the smallest Xbox yet, which might be accurate given it is 60% smaller than the premium option. Additionally, it sports a white exterior with a black ventilation grille.

It touts a custom NVME SSD at 512 GB running on the Xbox Velocity architecture. The tech behind it makes long loading times a relic of the past, Moreover, this allows players to seamlessly switch between multiple titles and save states. The only caveat here is the absence of a Blu-ray drive, which might not bother those who purchase their games digitally anyway. Xbox Series S preorders start on September 22, 2020, and it ships on November 10, 2020.

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Images courtesy of Microsoft