As the debate rages on regarding who deserves to be labeled as the GOAT in basketball, you only have to consider the demand for each player’s respective memorabilia. LeBron James is indeed a talented player, but Michael Jordan’s athletic prowess and feats at his prime were undeniably legendary. Meanwhile, Sotheby’s is about to drop The Dynasty Collection.

The way we wrote it reads like the establishment is about to release a fashion capsule, however, what they have on hand will make all Michael Jordan green with envy at whoever clinches the winning bid. Listed as lot number 4 out of 16 items in “The One” live auction pegged for February 2, 2024.

The Dynasty Collection is comprised of six game-worn Air Jordan sneakers. Furthermore, what makes these kicks insanely valuable is that each one saw action on the court when Jordan won every one of his six championships and was likewise awarded Finals MVP each time. 

As the listing reads, “there is no higher level of sports collectible, this is the peak.” Also detailed by Sotheby’s is the backstory behind each of the six shoes. There’s an Air Jordan VI, Air Jordan VII, Air Jordan VIII, Air Jordan XI, Air Jordan XII, and Air Jordan XIV.

All are autographed by “His Airness” and were originally gifted to Chicago Bulls public relations executive Tim Hallam. The current owner — a private American collector — was not named. We can’t help but wonder why would anyone let go of something so valuable.

Anyway, Sotheby’s estimates bids of The Dynasty Collection of Air Jordan seakers to reach anywhere between $7 million to $10 million. Given the lengths some fans and sports memorabilia collectors are willing to spend, the final amount might go beyond that. 

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Images courtesy of Sotheby’s