Each time Bugatti announces a new model, you can bet that all allocated examples will be spoken for in no time. Not only does the luxury carmaker manufacture their vehicles in highly limited numbers, but the insane price tag of each unit means ownerships is exclusively for society’s elite only. In fact, some even commission one-offs like this Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” hypercar.

We can only imagine how being insanely rich unlocks perks the average individual can only dream of. This bespoke beauty was commissioned by a collector who wanted to drive home a work of art. As such, the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” turns into a blank slate which was gradually adorned by intricate sketches all around.

According to Bugatti, this ordeal took more than 400 hours to hand-draw each detail that honors the marque’s remarkable achievements. Furthermore, it highlights the legendary W16 engine, which, like the entirety of the automotive industry, will soon be replaced by sustainable powertrains.

Reports note that the passenger side of the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” features 26 illustrations of various iconic Bugatti silhouettes over the years. Meanwhile, the view from the driver’s side showcases the hypercars that shook the world when they made their official debut. Perhaps the magnum opus of them all is the image of the W16 engine. Doré

True to its name, the exterior flaunts a custom gradient gold paint job dubbed “Doré” contrasted by Nocturne Black. From a performance standpoint, the Chiron Super Sport “Golden Era” should retain the standard performance expected from a machine of its caliber.

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Images courtesy of Bugatti