Think of it as a flask, canteen, or simply put, a water bottle. But the Memobottle is not your traditional cylindrical water bottle that often poses a problem when it comes to storage. 

As its name implies, this one comes in a paper-inspired design so it eliminates the struggle of having to find a space to keep it in your bag or anywhere else for that matter. Because it lays flat, it neatly fits where round bottles can’t making it the perfect everyday carry. It easily slips inside cross-body bags, back pockets, handbags, airplane seat pockets, and even lunch bags

The Memobottle keeps you hydrated wherever you go. It even comes in a user-friendly design with gentle curves, laser-etched detailing, and a polished mouthpiece. The wide mouth makes it easy to do refills while its satin powder-coated exterior feels delicate to the touch and makes it scratch-resistant. 

Meanwhile, premium food-grade 304 stainless steel primarily makes up its construction material to make it stain-resistant, robust, and safe. This water canister even prevents leaks thanks to a leak-proof metallic lid that perfectly fits into the mouthpiece with internalized thread. 

The Memobottle comes in four sizes: 33 oz, 16, 8, and 20 oz otherwise called the A5, A6, A7, and Slim, respectively. For clutches and back pockets, the A7 is the ultimate choice. Meanwhile. the A5 and A6 fit inside backpacks, laptop bags, handbags, messenger bags, and more. The Slim size, on the other hand, is for deep bags, totes, and dedicated bottle pockets. Either size comes in a matte black or matte white color. 

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Images courtesy of Memobottle