The pandemic certainly has people turning into nomads or home buddies. But for those who crave social connection, the urban jungle may not be a suitable place to be in at the moment. The great outdoors, on the other hand, is great for a small gathering of people via say camping, trekking, or hiking. And when it comes to these adventures, Matador is always a great choice for portable gear just like its Pocket Blanket Mini.

This camping blanket does not compromise when it comes to providing you comfort and a place to sit or curl down on. It may be on the smaller size but is sufficient enough for two people. When folded out, it opens to a size of 44″ x 28″ so you can stretch your legs after a tiring walk or simply have a clean place to sit on.

Despite its size, the Matador Pocket Blanket Mini does not skimp on quality. Just like its predecessor, the Pocket Blanket, this one also boasts durable construction. It is made from lightweight nylon with a waterproof PU coating to keep your bum dry, which then makes it a great beach blanket. Likewise, the material is puncture-resistant so it does not tear easily when placed on rough or rocky terrain.

Meanwhile, sewn lines on the surface serve as a guide when you want to fold it down to a portable size. This blanket packs down small at 3″ x 1.6 ” x 0.8 ” and best of all, extremely lightweight at merely 1.3 ounces. When stored in its carrying bag, it hangs easily on a carabiner or on your keyring so you always have it on hand.

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Images courtesy of Matador