n the United States, camping is a common recreational activity with more than 40 million people engaging in camping activities every year. This comprises of people camping in tents and cars, as well as backyard camping and recreational vehicles.

In 2017 the Association of Sporting Goods Manufactures filed in their annual interim stated Manufacturers Sale in the Category Report stating that camping equipment had totaled sales of approximately 2.56 billion U.S. dollars.

The above figures can only mean one thing, camping is a well-loved recreational activity engaged by almost everyone. However, camping can’t be complete without the camping equipment as a meal can’t be consumed without the aid of a plate and cutlery.

There is a long list of things you’ll need for a successful camping quest. Although, there is some equipment that you may forget to bring along with you on your camping, and there are some things you just can’t do without.

One of them is your outdoor camping blanket. As you know, participating in multi-day camping regularly includes spending a lot of time in cold conditions. Thus, you need to use a good blanket when you’re camping, to catch a good sleep.

Even though camping may involve a lot of rough activities, it’s still not enough for you to sleep uncomfortably in your tent. A blanket, though underrated, will definitely go a long way when the cold comes hugging you at night.

The camping blanket may be closely related in function with a sleeping bag, but it allows you have more freedom to move rather than being zipped in a sleeping bag like a corpse. These camping blankets come in different styles and materials.

We’ve helped you research and list out the top 12 camp blankets so you can decide on the perfect one for you. Keep reading. You’ll find out.

What are the benefits of using a camping blanket?

The benefits of a camping blanket while camping can’t be overemphasized. A camping blanket has a great function of regulating your body temperature by keeping you warm when you’re outdoors on a cold night as well as cooling off your body temperature in a hot climate.

The camping blanket wicks damp away during cold weather, thus, maintaining a reasonable amount of air trapped within the fabric to be warm as well as dry. Also, it draws in air in a warm weather, therefore, eliminating any extra heat from your body.

The camping blanket is one of the greatest investment choices you can ever make when it comes to camping. In fact, its flexibility creates an injury resistant for its users.  Also, its soft texture makes it an outstandingly comfortable cover for you. Also, the camping blankets are usually around 30 percent lighter than sleeping bags.

Another benefit is the fact that blankets take less space when compared to sleeping bags. Thus, they can be easily compressed after use. Also, folding and compressing the blanket after use, improves its longevity.

The blanket keeps dead air space to the barest minimum, thus keeping you warm. It also allows you to move freely compared to the sleeping bags, especially if you sleep regularly on your side. Also, it’s important to note that you have absolutely nothing to break or snag with blankets. This is because it has no zipper issues, plus they are comparably more affordable.

Are Camping Blankets Usually Machine Washable?

When it comes to camping blankets, there are different materials used in making them. However, most of these materials are machine washable and there are great ways to keep wash them without damaging the material of your blanket. If you have an electric blanket, the first thing to do is to unplug the blanket. When you’re done, proceed to lay it on the surface of the floor or bed to check for areas that may be weak or damaged.

Ensure you examine both sides of the blanket properly to make sure no wires are poking out. If you find any wire popping out, ensure you fix it before washing. The next step is to remove the cord and control box from the blanket because they could get damaged if submerged in water. After this, it’s safe to place the blanket in the washing machine with some mild detergent.

If your camping blanket is wool, the first step is to unfold the blanket and shake out any loose debris that may be hanging on it. After this, place the blanket in the washing machine with a gentle liquid detergent that’s specifically for wool items. If you have a shedding blanket, all you need to do is remove loose dirt on the blanket as much as you can. To achieve this, shake the blanket properly. Ensure that you use cold water in the washing machine to prevent the blanket from molting and make use of the gentle rotation function on the washer. After this, you can add a fabric softener to clamp the material threads in place. With all this, you should know that most camping blankets are machine washable but you have to carry out the procedure carefully to avoid destroying it in the process.

How Much, On An Average, Do Camping Blankets Usually Weigh?

On an average, the usual weight of camping blankets is relative due to some factors. For example, the usual weight of a camping blanket for a child is totally different from that of an adult. This is due to the difference in height, weight, and preference.

For users that weigh between 30 to 60 pounds, with heights between 36 to 48 inches, the blanket size would be within 36 to 54 inches and this should weigh between 6 to 10 pounds. Since children easily outgrow a weighted blanket rapidly, you have to allow a bonus six inches in length and two pounds or more in weight so they don’t outgrow the camping blankets easily.

If as an adult, you prefer having a camping blanket that would gently hug you and you’re between 90 to 200 pounds, and your height is between 55 to 74 inches, then a camping blanket size of 48×78 inches should weigh about 14 pounds. In other words, whatever your size, age, or preference there’s a weight range of camping blankets for you.

1) Kelty Bestie Blanket

1 Lbs
75.5 x 42.5 x 1 inches

The Kelty Bestie Blanket is the perfect camping blanket for warming yourself up with a good book while lounging around the campfire. This camping blanket will obviously keep you and your besties warm because of its cloud loft insulation.

It also has a liner material and shell material that contributes to making the blanket more insulated. Also, the blanket has a stuff sack that comes with a handle which helps you to easily transport it around.

The Kelty Bestie blanket is made of a cozy fleece-like fabric on the inside, cloud loft insulation, and a durable nylon outside shell (Polyester Taffeta). All the above material gives it a great blend of the warmth and softness of a cotton blanket or fleece, with the soft protection of a nylon material.

This camping blanket is machine washable, which makes it a convenient option when choosing the perfect blanket for camping.

The lightweight design of the camping blanket makes it simple to transport this blanket. It would obviously be a wise and great idea to always keep one of these awesome camping blankets in the trunk of your vehicle for outdoor activities like ballgames, picnics, or campfires. However, it could also come in handy for you on a cold winter night, snuggling you up on your couch with your partner.

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  • It’s more affordable than many other camping blankets available on the market.
  • It has an inside fleece that prevents slipping and is cozy.
  • It includes a lightweight stuff sack.
  • Its front load is machine washable.
  • It’s limited and available in only one size.
  • The available size is not big enough to fully cover an adult.
  • It’s not waterproof, although its external surface is water resistance.


2) Down Under Outdoors Camping Blanket

2.54 Lbs
14.2 x 7.1 x 6.3 inches

With this camping blanket, you can be sure that the days of you being scared of the cold during the winter are long gone. The bleachers in this blanket will keep you dry and warm, while you are amorously supporting your children at their soccer, hockey, softball, football games.

You can now enjoy a great family event or sports, go boat cruising enjoying awesome time outdoors. This all-purpose camping blanket has a durable wind and blue water-resistant polyester backing and gray anti-pill polar fleece with 250 gsm which gives you that perfect cozy feeling.

Be confident that with the XL lightweight blanket there will be no more stains on your couch. As the soft lightweight blanket can save you from life’s big or little mistakes by acting as moisture barricade to unsolicited spills.

Even though the side of the soft plush fleece isn’t water-resistant, you can still spread the blanket indoors under your infant’s high chair, or place it on your car seat for your pets when you’re traveling. After which you can throw it in the washer and compress it for storage in the stuff stack.

This camp blanket is quilted ultrasonically. In fact, both of its layers can’t glide on each other, thus it helps to maximize the safety of its user. Its weight of 2.5 lb is as a result of the quality materials it’s made from. Thus, it’s heavier than many other blankets within its price range.  Between its 2 layers is a special coating which was sprayed to stop water from penetrating via the blue side. This apparently makes the blanket more waterproof.

It also has a storage pocket with a secret zip and it’s guaranteed with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers. Thus, you can return the blanket back if you’re unhappy with it, and you will get a replacement.

Having this blanket will make you want to take a deserved rest from work just to head down for an exciting camping with your favorite book with you while you wrap yourself up and be the warmest individual around the campfire.

With your extra-large blanket, you can watch the sunset in the cuddled hands of your loved ones as you show them care, while you toss your bunch of keys in the safety weatherproof pocket; this blanket is Australian designed with reliability.

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  • It has one of the best designs on the market.
  • The inside material is so cozy and soft.
  • Too much washing may cause it to lose its waterproof nature.


3) Horizon Hound Down Camping Blanket

1.1 Lbs
80 x 54 x 7 inches

The Horizon Hound Down camping blanket is a great product that makes you yearn for the next long vacations or the next weekend to take you out of your daily hustle and driving out on the road to whatever adventures nature throws your way.

This camping blanket is the most perfect and important equipment against some of the wet and very windy weekends you spend alone with your loved one. The Horizon Hound Down camping blanket is a highly affordable and practical camping gear anyone can use in the great outdoors for all seasons.

The Down Blanket gives you the comfort you would expect from an outdoor camping blanket with a little weight of 1 lb, which isn’t bulky in anyway.  It could also double as a great Sleeping Bag alternative during the summer.

Also, this puffy down blanket wraps you up close and warm together with its clips to give you that warm cloak style stadium blanket feeling you need whether you’re at an outdoor festival, hiking, camping, or simply on your couch watching your favorite TV show with a cup of coffee.

This blanket is built durably, thus it can be used daily if you choose to. This is possible because of the tough 20D ripstop nylon on the camping blanket which is water resistant. Thus, you can be sure to have practically no odors and fewer stains. it’s also machine washable.

You can take this camping blanket anywhere as it’s the ultimate travel blanket. It’s completely compressible. Also, it can be placed in a quality stuff sack when traveling as it will fit properly in any bag or backpack. It’s the perfect camping equipment for hammocks, hiking, camping, or even a warm backup blanket when you’re outdoors in your car.

The Horizon Hound Down camping blanket is a sustainable and natural camping blanket that can’t weigh you down because it represents an amazing value.

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  • It’s big enough to fully cover a tall adult of about 6.”
  • The blanket can compress down to an extremely small size.
  • The material is quite comfortable.
  • It’s easy to put the blanket in its stuff sack after use.
  • The stitches at the edge of the blanket look haphazard.
  • It’s quite expensive considering its features.


4) Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Camping Blanket

2.4 Lbs
79 x 58 x 6 inches

The Oceas XL outdoor camping blanket is a 100 percent waterproof blanket. It’s made with premium quality materials which provides you with a lightweight, packable and yet durable product. Whether you’re camping in the great outdoors or engaging in yoga outside, the Oceas outdoor waterproof blanket will keep you properly warm and dry.

The camping blanket was designed with the highest quality material to make sure no water leak through, unlike other water-resistant competitors. The exterior material has a double coating that’s ready to take on any climate. The outdoor camping blanket has a free 1-year replacement warranty and 30-day Money-Back Guarantee along with it.

This XL outdoor blanket is suitable for 3 adults maximum. Its plush fleece makes available the luxury of a warm indoor blanket due to its insulation. It comes with a polyester waterproof exterior cover which is coated with polyurethane which guarantees a sturdy and strong protection against all weather.

The blanket is compact, light-weighted, and easily packable. The Oceas windproof and waterproof camping blanket is the best travel buddy for all of your outdoor adventures, especially when other outdoor equipment can be a bother.

The waterproof outdoor camping blanket has a handy bag with a handle for easy carriage. The oversized warm camping blanket can be folded and placed in a compact and light water-resistant bag. Thus, with this blanket you have more or less nothing to worry about when you’re sitting by a campfire, road trips in the car, camping outdoors, watching sports at the stadium or hiking with your dog.

The thermal camping blanket is 100 percent weatherproof. It’s the ideal windproof, sand proof and waterproof blanket, perfect for a sunshiny picnic at the seaside or a rainy campsite. You’ll not have to worry about any drop of water sopping through your camp shelter at your much-loved festival again.

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  • It’s perfectly durable and weatherproof.
  • It has a lightweight and cozy feel.
  • The tie and the bag that goes around the blanket are detachable, thus they are easy to lose as well.


5) SnugPak Jungle Survival Camping Blanket

1.56 Lbs
76 x 64 x 2 inches

The SnugPak jungle blanket is a lightweight, warm, and less bulky substitute to a poncho liner or a traditional blanket used by a lot of people today. The SnugPak blanket has been engineered for exceptional performance using high loft and ultra-lightweight fibers which work excellently even after it’s compressed into a small compact size for any lightweight traveling.

This winter camping blanket also comes with an anti-microbial and antibacterial treatment against germs. It’s water resistant and windproof as well. The SnugPak jungle blanket will obviously become your best buddy when the temperature drops lower than normal.

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  • The blanket is incredibly light, compact and warm.
  • The material is excellent at repelling fluids.
  • It’s too short for an adult going camping.
  • The compression straps fall off after some time.


6) Scuddles Extra Large Camping Blanket

0.7 Lbs
59 x 76 x 0.1 inches

The Scuddles XL camping blanket has a beautiful design which is quite sophisticated, creative and tartan. It has an attractive stripe design that’s fashion-forward and sure to amaze your friends and family at a lunch picnic.

This blanket is made with a waterproof PEVA backing. Thus, it has zero tolerance for moisture. It can be cleaned easily.

The Scuddles camping blanket can also be used on the beach. You can also fold up this wool camping blanket and utilize its handle strap to carry it over your shoulder conveniently whilst transporting to your destination.

This camping blanket is quite easy to clean because of its waterproof and durable backing. Thus you can wipe and shake off dirt easily.

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  • The Scuddles blanket is so portable and light for traveling.
  • The material threads tend to fall off after 2 to 3 machine.


7) Somerlan Camping Blanket

2 Lbs
82 x 57 x 6 inches

The Somerlan outdoor blanket is a water-resistant and wind-proof that weighs 2 Lbs and has a dimension of 82 x 57 x 6 inches that’s big enough to cover two adults or wrap you up easily to stay warm and dry. The outer shell of this blanket is woven with nylon that has water-resistant exterior backing.

Also, the inner and outer layers are merged together to produce an outdoor blanket with high performance. It has the fluffiness of an ultra-plush coral fleece. In case you don’t know, it’s the same material used to make premium baby blankets. Hence, you can be sure that you’d feel restful like a baby when you use this camping blanket.

The inner lining of the Somerlan outdoor blanket is thicker, softer and warmer than the regular polar fleece. When you get this blanket, you can be sure that this premium all-season lightweight blanket comes with a suitable stuff sack that can also be your pillow. It’s also great for outdoor stadium events, watching the kids play in the park, and adventure camping.
If you’re wondering how you’d clean this blanket successfully, there’s good news because it’s simple to clean. The moment it’s clean, it can be rolled up to shrink to a 14 x 16 inches cylinder that forms a cinch to toss into the trunk or back seat of your car.

Another wonderful feature this blanket has is the snaps. They are located along the edges. This gives campers the option of wearing it around their shoulders or neck.

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  • It has a lightweight.
  • It’s a great carrying bag.
  • It’s durable.
  • It’s warm inside.
  • It’s rainproof.
  • It only comes in one color.


8) Lightspeed Sundown Camping Blanket

0.85 Lbs
77 x 55 x 7 inches

The Sundown outdoor blanket is made of soft- touch and high-performance materials with a dimension of 77x 55×7 inches weighing 0.85 lbs. This amazing blanket is durable with a soft nylon material and water-resistant outer shell. This helps the blanket keep you warm and cozy around your base camp.

The fact that it’s light and thin makes it easy to roll up in a drawstring carrying case which can be tossed to the back seat of your car on your way to the woods for the weekend or for a football game.

Most importantly, this blanket is really easy to wash. When you get back from your camping trip, all you need to do is throw the blanket right into the washing machine like you’d toss any other blanket, and it’ll be perfect for your next camping trip.

Thus, if you have plans to curl up under the stars after a hectic day of hiking, and also stay warm and dry at the same time, this is the right blanket for you.

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  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s big enough for two adults.
  • It’s durable.
  • It has lightweight.
  • It’s easy to wash.
  • It comes in one color.
  • The rainproof side could be noisy.


9) Outdoor Master Ultra Compact Pocket Blanket

0.35 Lbs
82.6 x 56.3 x 1 inches

This outdoor master pocket blanket is an ultra-compact full-size outdoor blanket that weighs 0.35 Lbs with a dimension of 82.6 x 56.3 x 1 inches. From the name, you can tell that it can fit perfectly in your pocket without anybody noticing it. If you want to go camping, or just have fun on the beach, this pocket-sized blanket will suit your needs with its waterproof material to protect you from harsh conditions.

This “small but mighty” outdoor blanket has pockets in the corners to support additional weight. It also has loopholes for stakes and built-in space connected to the blanket. The four corners of this blanket are equipped with small weights and pockets for sand or stones when it gets windy outside. When the blanket is folded, it has a dimension of 5.2x 3.1x 1.8 inches.
One of the interesting features of this blanket; it’s easy to fold.

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  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s a good compact storage.
  • It’s very easy to fold up.
  • It has a lightweight.
  • It’s soft.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It can’t keep you warm due to its thinness.


10) Woolly Mammoth Wool Camping Blanket

4 Lbs
66 x 90 x 6.9 inches

This collection of wool blanket is the perfect blanket for any kind of outdoor lifestyle from chilling out on a boat cruise, bushcraft, backpacking, stargazing, to camping. This specially woven blanket has a weight of 4 Lbs and dimension of 66 x 90 x 6.9 inches unfolded. This makes it the perfect blanket when you require an extra layer of insulation.

This explorer wool blanket is woven with 80% premium virgin Merino wool. This simply implies that there’s no recyclable wool used in producing this blanket. Since the manufacturers thought it wise to top-up the durability of the blanket, they took it a step further by adding a little amount of acrylic to the warp. It would interest you to know that these blankets are woven using a till weave.

In case of emergency preparedness, this blanket can easily be placed in the trunk of your car as a utility blanket. When it comes to the finishes of this blanket, you’d be impressed with its milled finish. This means that there’s no fabric consolidation and inter-fibre felting. This helps to create a denser blanket. This blanket also has an edge that’s double-stitched with thick polyester thread to lock-in durability.

No doubt, this blanket would make a perfect gift for so many occasions from weddings, mother’s day, father’s day,  etc. Also, this wool blanket is self-cleaning, flexible and has the ability to assist in temperature-regulation.

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  • It’s durable.
  • It’s less itchy compared to other wool blankets.
  • It’s very warm.
  • It’s thin but dense.
  • It’s huge.
  • It comes in different colors.
  • It’s a bit rough.


11) Coalatree Compact Camping Outdoor Blanket

1.40 Lbs
50 x 72 x 5 inches

The Kachula adventure blanket is an amazing blanket for campers that have the money to spend on a good camping blanket. The Kachula blanket comes with so many additional features that make your trip more fun and comfortable. This blanket weighs 1.40 lbs with a dimension of 50x 72x 5 inches when it’s unfolded. This automatically makes it a perfect blanket for two adults.

If you want a blanket that’s lightweight and composed of durable woven fabric nylon, the Kachula adventure blanket is a good option. The nylon used to make this blanket is perfect for repelling rain and blocking wind effectively. The inner part of this blanket is made from a soft and warm flannel cotton blend. It’s important you know that all the materials used to make this blanket are from recycled materials.

Even though the Kachula doesn’t come with a carrying case, the thin design and lightweight make it pretty easy to fold up and toss in the trunk of your car without occupying so much space. Some features that make this blanket stand out are the snaps along its sides that allow so many blankets to be attached to create a very large blanket to accommodate so many people.

If you plan to keep personal items or stuff some of the blankets to make a pillow, the Kachula has an unzipped pocket located along its sides for you to do that. When it’s raining, the blanket has the snap to protect you.

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  • The blanket material is quite flexible.
  • It’s a lightweight blanket.
  • The blanket has a stylish design.
  • It’s warm and comfortable.
  • It’s big enough for two adults.
  • It has space to keep personal things.
  • It’s quite easy to clean.
  • It’s quite expensive.
  • It may have defects in the snaps.

12) SONGMICS Picnic Blanket

1.10 Lbs
77 x 59 x 8.8 inches

The Songsmics blanket is a beautiful and attractive blanket that has a dimension of 77 x 59 x 8.8 inches with a weight of 1.10 Lbs. This blanket is made of acrylic fabric on the top that’s quite comfortable to touch. Despite the fact that it has a soft surface, it doesn’t any attract dirt or left-over debris.

The acrylic feature of the blanket makes it possible for you and your family to enjoy a tidy and comfortable place. The Songsmics blanket is perfect if you want to go for any kind of beach vacation or an outdoor picnic.

This is because it’s made of materials that protect you from debris, sand and prevents water penetration which makes you enjoy a hassle-free outdoor experience. With the way the Songsmics blanket is designed, you can easily fold it. Asides that, you can carry the blanket anyhow you choose because it’s compact and has a lightweight.

Another wonderful feature this blanket has is its multiple functions. Even though it’s an outdoor blanket, it can be used as pet seat cover, kids playing mat, and a floor mat. It also has the capacity to accommodate up to a family of four with drinks, plates, and food on a picnic at the park.  This remarkable feature of the Songsmics blanket makes it stand out. Another striking feature is this blanket is very easy to clean.

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  • It can accommodate a family of four.
  • It’s multifunctional.
  • It comes in varieties of colors.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s convenient for mothers with toddlers.
  • It’s waterproof.
  • It’s not machine washable.
  • You have to flip the blanket over before folding it.
  • It gets dirty easily.
  • It’s not durable.
  • It doesn’t have any padding


Final Word

From the list above, we can see that some of the blankets can cover you properly in the cold night making you feel comfortable and warm. Whereas some are perfect to be used as a nice beach spread.

Thus, you need to smartly select the perfect blanket for you, based on what you’ve learned from this post. However, it’s important you recognize what you are looking for by its requirements before going further to purchase.