As medical experts face the coronavirus pandemic head-on, the lack of supplies and manpower is a big problem. According to researchers, a cure or vaccine is will still take some time to develop. While some are lucky enough to just experience mild symptoms, others are not. The latter usually ends up on a ventilator due to difficulty breathing. Shortages of the life-saving equipment are prompting companies to manufacture one. Maingear is the latest one to join the fight against COVID-19 with the LIV.

Earlier, we featured the CoVent from James Dyson which he supposedly designed and produced in just 10 days. Now, we are showcasing another high-tech ventilator from an unlikely source. Maingear is PC gaming outfit that offers desktops, laptops and other goodies. However, it is shifting its operations to help out those in need amid this health crisis.

With the pandemic causing problems for manufacturing facilities, it’s also disrupting the supply chain. Meanwhile, what makes the LIV different is the fact that most of its parts are readily available. The engineers working on the project claim most of its components are off-the-shelf. Moreover, the team are just 3D-printing whatever is inaccessible.

Those who are familiar with some of the previous offerings from Maingear will note that the LIV looks like compact desktop chassis. Nevertheless, what matters is the function and reliability it brings to the table. Medical workers can use a companion app to remotely interface with the ventilator. This can even help them monitor their patient’s condition remotely to minimize exposure.

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Images courtesy of Maingear