As much as we want to just always bring you the good stuff, Men’s Gear understands that the Coronavirus pandemic is something that we should take seriously. Our health workers are already spread thin as new cases continue to surface on a daily basis. Hence we can do our part by staying home to limit its transmission. Meanwhile, another essential gear aside from personal protective equipment (PPE) is a ventilator. With global shortages, James Dyson comes to the rescue with the CoVent.

What’s amazing about it is the fact that it took the company only 10 days to design its first-ever medical ventilator. Some of you might know the brand for its premium-grade vacuum cleaners, dryers, and fancy blade-less fans. However, sources claim U.K. Prime minister Boris Johnson placed an order for 10,000 units to be distributed among the National Health Services (NHS).

While at least 80% of COVID-19 diagnosis end up with mild symptoms, there are those that require hospitalization. As the disease progresses, breathing becomes difficult as the lungs fill with fluids. At this point, a ventilator such as the CoVent can mean life or death for a patient.

Dyson confirms that mass production will immediately begin with deliveries in early April. Moreover, the manufacturer is likewise donating another 5,000 CoVent machines. 1,000 units will go to the NHS, while the 4,000 will ship out across the globe. Hence, we’re looking at a total of 15,000 cutting-edge portable ventilators going to hospitals to help the fight against the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Images courtesy of Dyson