Talking about gaming PCs, what immediately comes to mind are towering desktop enclosures with all the latest components. For the longest time, gamers rely on huge enclosures for specific reasons. Nevertheless, the footprint it comes with takes up a lot of space. Intel is introducing a cutting-edge solution for consumers in the form of its NUC 9 Extreme platform. Razer apparently wants in on the action and debuts the Tomahawk mini gaming desktop solution.

The first thing you’ll notice is the glowing triple-snake logo of the brand on the front panel. As with most products from the company, LED lighting is somewhat its signature feature. Roughly about the size of an external GPU enclosure, the Tomahawk is a minimalists dream come true. Thanks to the compact nature of Intel’s latest Compute Element, its partners can craft cool cases to meet their customer’s demands.

Razer delivers premium quality with small form factor build for PC gaming enthusiasts who want to build a miniature rig. This modular enclosure does not even require the usual tools to take apart and assemble. The Tomahawk demo unit features at CES 2020 had some elements installed ahead of time, but the process should be practically foolproof.

The chassis of the Tomahawk is mostly in black with a matte finish. The aluminium frame of the housing sports two tempered glass panels on each side to give owners a view inside. Since it is a bespoke platform, Razer will include an SFX power supply to get you started. Aside from the Intel NUC 9 Extreme and its upgradable Compute Element, the user can customize it to suit their needs. Moreover, fully decked-out variants will be available as well.

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Images courtesy of Razer