Looking at all the upcoming all-electric rides heading our way, Tesla might soon have its hands full. As long as Elon Musk keeps innovating the electric vehicle scene it should remain comfortably ahead of its rivals. For instance, take this elegant machine from Lucid Motors which it calls the Air. It’s a great example of what other carmakers could be facing up against in future. Unless they step up their game, we could see platforms like it almost everywhere.

Everything about the Air looks absolutely premium. As zero-emission transportation eventually takes over down the line, costs should be within our reach. Nevertheless, the option for more high-end trims should allow more variety, which certain folk will absolutely want. Aside from its stunning exterior aesthetics, Lucid Motors wants owners to enjoy a more spacious interior.

Without a bulky combustion engine to fit into the structure, engineers and designers can practically maximize comfort. Even though it resembles a mid-size luxury sedan from the outside, the full-size cabin tells a different story. To augment the first-class experience, Lucid Motors gives the driver and passengers an unobstructed view. A sweeping glass canopy covers a robust frame that does not compromise safety.

Performance-wise, the Air can easily complete a 0-60 mph sprint in less than 2.5 seconds. Moreover, the top speed clocks in at 200 mph. Lucid Motors claims its battery technology should offer a 517-mile range on a single charge. A regenerative braking system will likely extend that. This EV will make its official debut on September 9th, but reservations are now open via their official website.

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Images courtesy of Lucid Motors