Sometimes, we believe carmakers also welcome suggestions from those outside their organization. Perhaps the years of keeping within the brand’s distinctive silhouettes are limiting their sources for ideas. Also, it might be a good move to give their designers a break. Ford’s luxury arm – Lincoln – appears to have hit a sweet spot with the Quiet Flight 2040 collection of concepts.

With the help of the students from the ArtCenter College of Design Southern California, Lincoln presents the vehicles of the future. This project’s reveal shortly follows its recent announcement to offer a lineup of fully electric and connected platforms by 2030.

Who knows? Maybe it will use these sketches as a source of inspiration for its upcoming EVs. What makes these proposals so striking are the blend of beautiful curves and sharp edges. These are shapes one normally sees when artists envision what future transportation would look like.

For the Quiet Flight 2040, it appears the retro-futuristic is the theme here. Also, the name sounds appropriate given the quiet hum of electric powertrains. Interestingly, each of the four concepts was presented with a short film. According to Lincoln, these videos provide insights as to how these rides came to be.

“The storyboarding is just wonderful,” said Lincoln global design director Kemal Curic. “They brought the products to life. Watching them on screen, quite frankly, gave me goosebumps.” The Quiet Flight roster includes sedans, an SUV, and a showcase of advanced technology.

Meanwhile, autonomous driving was also a highlight of the presentation. After all, it wouldn’t be the future without self-driving systems. We don’t have to wait long to see what Lincoln has in store for its foray into the EV segment. Nonetheless, the Quiet Flight concepts are all remarkable.

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Images courtesy of Lincoln