For more than a year now, a lot of us are now working from home. Saying goodbye to our daily commute to the office might not everyone’s cup of tea, but a lot of us are likely loving it anyway. Still, despite the convenience, we all need to get our lazy butts out of bed on time. Lenovo is ready to assist with the Smart Clock 2.

You might be wondering why a traditional timekeeper still matters when we have smartphones and smartwatches. Lenovo intends to appeal to consumers who are in the market for a smart speaker. In a segment already dominated by models from Amazon, Google, Apple, and others, The Smart Clock 2 is an underdog.

However, despite facing tough competition, this device can hold its own. It measures 3.67 x 4.47 x 2.81 inches and weighs 0.66 lbs. You grab it in three colorways: Shadow Black, Abyss Blue, Heather Gray. As with most smart speakers, the body is wrapped in classy fabric.

A 4-inch LCD IPS touch panel is set at an angle with chunky bezels from all sides. The only Lenovo branding is a small plate at the bottom-left section of the base. Although it’s not immediately noticeable, there are control buttons on the top section of the Smart Clock 2.

For some versatility, pair it with the optional wireless charging dock accessory. Now you can cordlessly charge compatible devices or do so the traditional way via the USB-A port. This likewise enables the nightlight functionality.

1.5-inch 3W front-firing speakers are powerful enough to fill your room with enjoyable acoustics. The Smart Clock 2 hears your commands clearly via its far-field microphone array, which you can manually disable for privacy. Finally, connectivity protocols supported include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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Images courtesy of Lenovo