Speaker design has remained the same for a long time now. It’s the usual form factor with multiple drivers usually in a horizontal arrangement. The arrival of portable types quickly prompted sound engineers to come up with something different. This is why omnidirectional models are so popular right now. Most companies choose to keep it conventional, while upscale brands are more experimental. This leads us to Sony and its remarkable LSPX-S2, which is unlike anything we have already seen.

Although it follows the cylindrical shape of most Bluetooth speakers in the market, Sony gives it a unique spin. The Japanese consumer electronics brand is renowned for its camera optics and audio products. In fact, we would consider its range-topping offerings as luxury-tier devices already. The LSPX-S2 — or the Glass Sound Speaker as the manufacturer calls it – lives up to its name.

This is not a brand-new release, but the aesthetics it brings to the table is timeless. Originally retailing for about $990, you can grab it now for a much lower price point. Its refined appeal comes from the glass tube that rises out from a metal base. Thanks to its exceptional craftsmanship, the LSPX-S2 would look good wherever it stands.

Meanwhile, you’ll be glad to know that the crystal is only for show as three actuators send vibrations up to produce 360-degree audio coverage. Sony notes that the LSPX-S2 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The highs come from the glass tube, the mids from a 35-mm speaker, while the lows and directed downward. Finally, the built-in LED can even emulate candlelight for those relaxing and romantic moments.

Buy – $448.00

Image courtesy of Sony