When Thanos said “I am inevitable” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) it was only a matter of time before plastic brick enthusiasts have something just as awesome to build. Just like how The Mad Titan obsession with balance, the LEGO x Marvel Infinity Gauntlet is a must-have for fans of the Infinity Saga. The display stand and plaque are also in the box.

Despite the excitement we have for this upcoming set, we have to point out a caveat. While some of you might not really consider it as one, those who want to slip it one after assembly are in for surprise. You see, the LEGO x Marvel Infinity Gauntlet is not a 1:1 scale of what the MCU considers as one of the most powerful weapons ever created.

Instead, its size is just about that of an average adult hand. Still, at roughly a foot long, this will instantly become the highlight in any collection up for display. Just like in films, the LEGO x Marvel Infinity Gauntlet kit includes all six Infinity gems: Space, Time, Reality, Soul, Power, and Mind.

It’s cool how LEGO uses transparent plastic to simulate the look of the stones. Moreover, the metallic gold pieces make it look like a detailed copy albeit not as big as the actual one. Hours of fun await those who wish to craft this 590-piece project.

Those wondering about articulation points will be happy to know that the fingers are poseable. Now you can finally, recreate that traumatic moment when Thanos snuffed out 50% of all life across the universe with a snap. The LEGO x Marvel Infinity Gauntlet is yet to go up the official shop, but some sources say it would release soon.

Buy – $69.99

Images courtesy of LEGO