tactical tomahawk is the perfect way to defend yourself during combat, chop wood for the burner, or just to hang on your living-room wall every time your daughter’s boyfriend comes around. These weapons-slash-tools are exceptional because they are compact and lightweight but still manage to help with many different tasks. They aren’t just aimed for combat and self-defense uses either. They are also great for recreational activities such as hunting or your local tomahawk throwing championship. Yes, that’s a real thing!

Although the Men’s Gear team weren’t able to host our own tactical tomahawk throwing championship because of health and safety, we did take a detailed look at the different options currently on the market. We looked at many different models from a variety of brands and ended up with 17 we think are the best out of the current crop.

You can personally cut that crop down to your favorite ones by browsing through our picks. We have finished on a slightly unusual tactical tomahawk option at product 17. We won’t give too much away just yet, but if you’re new to tactical tomahawks, or are in fact a tomahawk-wielding competitor – you’re going to want to stick around to the end.

Before we get started with some tactical tomahawk reviews, we will put some of the most common questions to rest and give you some important advice before buying a tomahawk.

What Are The Different Types Of Tactical Tomahawks Available?

A tactical tomahawk is one type of Tomahawk. It’s a tomahawk that has usually been specifically made for combat or self-defense. These tomahawks often offer features that make them compatible with other tactical gear, such as MOLLE clips.

For those unfamiliar, MOLLE stands for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment and is used by soldiers to help them carry much-needed and essential items at an arm’s length. A MOLLE clip will let the tomahawk clip to other gear and become one of those essentials.

Some tactical tomahawks even have sheaths with MOLLE webbing so they carry other small items themselves.

However, within the tactical tomahawk niche, there are other sub-categories. Some tactical tomahawks are capable of doing other things besides providing protection and defense against attackers. Some tactical tomahawks are made specifically for throwing at targets.

Breaching tactical tomahawks are made to, as the name suggests, breach an entry. These will break down doors and windows effectively. You can even find tactical tomahawks that work as a multitool. We have one below that has a wrench and wire-cutter attached!

Keep reading to discover that tomahawk.

What you can take from this is that there is no one orthodox tactical tomahawk design. These combat items come in different shapes and sizes with a variety of features and capabilities. It may be worthwhile considering your exact needs from a tactical tomahawk before browsing the market.

Our list not only shows you quality options, but it can also help you zone in on your priorities with one of these weapons-come-tools.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Tomahawk?

Head functions:

tactical tomahawks go beyond their original cutting capabilities. They now have multiple edges and shapes on the head to do various things. Consider the specific results you need from one of these products to decide on the most functional head design for you.

Size and weight:

the size and weight of a tomahawk is influential to lots of their capabilities. A heavy one isn’t going to allow you to throw it or run long distances with it without getting tired quickly, while a big one may be an uncomfortable addition to your belt or backpack.


if you plan on attaching this to MOLLE webbing on a tactical backpack make sure you buy one with a sheath that has a MOLLE loop. Without this, you are going to struggle to get a perfect and safe fit.

What Are The Best Brands For Tactical Tomahawks?

The tactical gear market is a lucrative business for brands. That’s why many companies are now trying to get a slice of the pie and sell so-called tactical equipment which is usually sub-par. The problem for new competitors is that there are top brands who have been in the game from day one.

The tactical gear coming from lesser-quality brands stands out like a sore thumb compared to the tactical specialists. That’s why we have compiled our list with the best tactical product manufacturers who know what they’re doing.

All the stuff below is genuine tactical tomahawks for men and some of the best you can get your hands on.

Some of the models below come from the likes of Gerber, SOG and United Cutlery. These are brands who know how to make quality tactical gear but also know how to make tactical items that complement each other. Their tactical gloves, belts, and backpacks work together well with other items such as these tomahawks.

They also use the best materials that are proven to protect and many of them liaise with professional combat personnel to tailor their designs to those that demand them the most. With SOG, United Cutlery and Gerber, you know you are buying from the best in the tactical gear battlefield.

How Does A Tomahawk Differ From An Axe Or A Hatchet?

Tomato tomatoe, right? Well, not quite when it comes to hatchets, axes, and tomahawks. Although many of us use these words somewhat interchangeably, they’re not the same things. There are a couple of things to note when wanting to differentiate them from one another.

Tomahawks originate from the USA during the colonial period. At that time, they were much smaller and lighter than a European ax. Today, this differentiation is not always apparent as you can get some small axes and big tomahawks.

Nevertheless, there are some aesthetic differences that will most of the time reveal their true identity.

First, a tomahawk usually has a round eye while an ax or hatchet has much narrower eyes. Second, a tomahawk head is inserted from the bottom. We get you can’t go to the manufacturer’s workshop and see how they did it, but one way to check for this is to look if it was possible to insert the head from the top.

Is it too thick?

If so, it could be a tomahawk, but it’s still not bulletproof testing. And lastly, many tomahawks have an extended handle whereas an ax is more proportionate.

We know we haven’t made it too clear and that’s because it’s not always easy to tell. We just reported the best methods to use. You wouldn’t shoot the messenger anyway. After all, we do have 17 tactical tomahawks in our inventory.

What Are The Best Tactical Tomahawks For Bushcraft And Survival?

Naturally, the best tactical tomahawk for bushcraft and survival must first come from a trusted brand. Additionally, it must be multifunctional. Surviving in the wild is going to throw up a lot of obstacles in your way. You will need to make shelter, hunt, protect yourself from wild animals and maybe build.

Our early ancestors made elementary tomahawks to help them do just these things. So, the best tactical tomahawk for survival uses needs to be multifunctional.

This is no problem when picking from the current options. Many of the tactical tomahawks below come from respected manufacturers that have gone beyond the standard designs. They have added secondary functions such as the ability to tighten, cut, puncture, pry and more – as well as cut of course.

The extended set of skills make some tomahawks more apt for surviving in the wild. Look out for the most multifunctional tactical tomahawks if this is your requirement. It just so happens, the first one we are looking at is a great option for bushcraft and survival…

1) Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

We’re going to start with a tactical tomahawk that may already be quite simply a cut above the rest. It has a solid steel head ready to take down anything in your way. Whether that’s chopping firewood or creating an escape route, this tomahawk has you covered.

But, this model isn’t just about its exceptional cutting ability. It’s sturdy and sharp blade is part of a triple threat of features. The product also functions as a pry bar and has a hammerhead! This makes you prepared for lots of different situations in only one tool. Carry less and get more with this quality tactical tomahawk!

Another awesome aspect of this tomahawk is its accompanying sheath. This is a sheath-like no other because it isn’t just designed to protect your 51-53RC-rated blade. It will actually help you carry even more items than you need close to hand such as a small knife or a compass.

How does it do this?

The sheath is surrounded by MOLLE webbing; the same product that helps US soldiers stock their essentials at an arm’s reach!

This multifunctional tactical tomahawk is certainly impressive and going to help you carry more into battle or on your ventures into the wild. To top it all off, it’s supplied with the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty for your purchasing peace of mind.

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  • Multifunctional tool
  • Pry bar and hammer head included
  • MOLLE webbing sheath
  • Manufacturer lifetime warranty
  • Strong and sharp blade
  • Supplied unsharpened


2) SOG Tomahawk Tactical Axe

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness
51-53 RC

SOG are no strangers to the tactical-gear scene and they’re no strangers to us at Men’s Gear. They’ve been welcome additions to our buyer’s guides in the past because they’ve proven their quality and eye for detail. This tactical tomahawk is the perfect example of just that.

This model is ideal for a host of situations. It can be used for breaching, for chopping and is a part of many guys’ camping arsenal as an all-around tool. Transporting this product is no struggle either because it’s exceptionally lightweight.

At only 1.5lbs, you can walk with it in your hand prepared or hang it to your other gear without getting tired.

But, you may be wondering how could you hang it from your other gear? The answer is in the tomahawk’s sheath. The product is provided with a sheath made from durable ballistic nylon. This sheath provides the tomahawk with an undeniable defense against minor and major damage.

Yet, it has a secondary function. It has been designed with an attachment so it easily hangs from a belt or a tactical backpack.

Just like the Gerber model we introduced you to, this one is multifunctional and offers more than just slicing skills. It has been made with a hammered edge and a piercing spike to provide users with even more for their money. Is this the best tactical tomahawk for you?

SOG have even stated that they will always consider replacements if your well-maintained tactical tomahawk starts underperforming.

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  • Includes a piercer and hammer edge
  • Respected tactical-gear brand
  • Durable and protective sheath
  • Attaches to belts and bags
  • Lightweight to carry or throw
  • Competitors’ handles are more durable


3) United Cutlery Ranger Hawk Axe

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness

If this is your introduction to United Cutlery, then get comfortable. These guys make some of the best tactical tomahawks on the market and you’ll get to see many of them here. The blade on this model is made with quality steel that you can trust in dangerous and threatening situations, as well as in recreational activities.

To keep you in control as you swing or throw this tactical tomahawk, it has a reliable handle with lots of friction. The handle is made with nylon for comfort and is then reinforced with fiberglass for even more strength. This will let you throw the tomahawk if desired while remaining completely confident and safe.

Yet, we haven’t gotten to one of the coolest and most unique features when purchasing this tactical tomahawk. The manufacturers include a compass too. The compass comes in a cool case that will keep you on track and stylish. The compass isn’t the only thing that comes with a case. This tomahawk is supplied with a protective sheath to withstand knocks and minor damages. Overall, this is an excellent option for any guy!

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  • Reliable brand
  • Made with strong stainless steel
  • Reinforced fiberglass handle
  • Provided with a compass
  • Protective sheath
  • The compass isn’t high quality


4) Promithi Camping Tactical Axe 

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Carbon-alloyed steel

Rockwell Hardness
56 HRC

Next up to the chopping block, uhm, we mean the Men’s Gear inspection table, is this cool tactical tomahawk from Promithi. The blade on this model is again of exceptional strength and quality. Did you expect us to recommend anything but?

It has one of the highest Rockwell Hardness ratings on our buyer guide by scoring an impressive 56 HRC. What’s even better about this blade is that its dual functioning. You read that right! This blade is an orthodox cutting weapon on one side and the shape of the other side of the head also comes in useful.

The shape is somewhat curved and has been made in that way with picking in mind.

Unlike many of the others, this tactical tomahawk has gone beyond the norm when it comes to aesthetics. The wolf printing on the blade is undeniably cool – and combined with a sanded wood handle it may well make you feel like a Scandinavian legend or a Game of Thrones warrior.

However, there is one part of the design which may divide opinion. There is also a blossom etching on the handle which certainly evidences skilled craft but it’s not the most masculine of designs.

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  • High HRC-rated blade
  • Dual functioning blade
  • Cool wolf head print
  • Sanded wood handle
  • Great value for money
  • Somewhat feminine handle etching


5) Browning Shock N’ Awe Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
High-carbon steel

Rockwell Hardness

No need to sharpen the Browning Shock N’ Awe Tactical Tomahawk when it arrives. It comes ready for action so you can get straight to work or play. Perfect for many different uses, this tactical tomahawk has been made to last many of your toughest swings and most powerful throws.

Specifically, the 1055 high-carbon steel blade is undeniable tough and enhanced even more with a matte finish. To keep it as strong as it is from day one and to keep its desert tan color from fading, the manufacturers supply it with a Kydex sheath.

This sheath has been perfectly molded to the blade for a secure fit and to enhance protection even more. The handle has been wrapped in a nylon paracord by hand to increase the tomahawk’s durability even more.

Many of the best tactical tomahawks have a second, or even a third, function. This model has two more! On the opposite end of the blade, you will notice a sharp point. This has been included to be used as a glass breaker and may just save your bacon when you need rescuing the most.

Naturally, we’re sure our clever readership could find other uses for it too. Now look down towards the bottom of the tactical tomahawk. See that little hole at the bottom of the handle? That’s for your lanyard or ID card! Impressed? We are!

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  • Quality steel blade
  • Hand-wrapped nylon handle
  • Kydex sheath included
  • Desert tan matte finish
  • Lanyard hole
  • Glass breaking function
  • Possibly overpriced


6) Hogue Tactical Tomahawk 

When you take a look at the price tag of this Hogue Tactical Tomahawk, you may start wincing as though a tactical tomahawk was heading your way. However, once you realize that Hogue is one of the best tactical gear providers in the world and that their products are produced in the USA, you soon see why they come at a cost.

This particular model may not catch your eye at first, but you could consider it as the undercover agent of tactical tomahawks. It’s got a lot to its plain exterior. The long handle has been added with multiple grooves to increase your grip when carrying, swinging or even throwing it towards your target.

This is even more beneficial when using it in extreme weather. The adverse rain or sweaty palms aren’t going to reduce your control over the super sharp blade.

It has a slightly smaller length than the standard tactical tomahawk which makes it perfect for carrying, storing and using. The reduced size makes it a little lighter too – so throwing it is certainly possible. Other key features on this model are two lanyard holes and a waistband paddle.

When you pay for such an impressive tomahawk, you want it to be protected and remain in first-class condition for a long time. Hogue recognizes this and it’s why they provide it with considerable protection. The first layer of protection comes in the form of a polymer sheath.

This sheath fastens tightly and secures together with a magnetic retention system. The second layer of protection is a nylon storage case. This case is fastened with sturdy zips and lined with soft foam. After ordering and when the tomahawk is in transit, these layers are complemented by another box.

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  • Extensive storage protection
  • Renowned brand
  • Compact and light
  • Lanyard holes
  • Enhanced grip section
  • No other functions


7) United Cutlery M48 Tactical Tomahawk Axe

Another smaller tactical tomahawk is this model. The compactness and streamlined design make it easier to carry or to be active with. It’s especially easier to jog with without needing to stop and rest. One thing we should mention early is that this model is really for self-defense rather than recreational activities.

The blade on this one is significantly wide considering its overall dimensions and has an upsweep design. This lets the user make bigger cuts and let’s be honest, it just looks really cool too. On the reverse side to the head, there is a second blade.

The second blade can be used as your reserve when the main one needs a sharpening. Or, they can be used as the perfect combo for self-defense.

Unlike poorly-made tactical tomahawks, you aren’t going to swing back and send the head flying while still holding the handle. The steelhead is securely merged with the handle using three strong bolts. The handle isn’t bad either!

It combines reliable nylon with reinforced fiberglass for a durable mix. To add icing to the cake, the tomahawk is then protected with a nylon sheath which fastens with snap-type buttons.

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  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easily transported
  • Dual-functioning blade
  • Reliable bolts secure the head
  • Supplied with snap-button protective sheath
  • Not ideal for recreational activities


8) United Cutlery M48 Double-Bladed Tactical Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness

Just before the halfway mark of our buyer guide attempting to find the best tactical tomahawk for you, we want you to see another United Cutlery creation. From the first glance, you can tell there is something different about this hunting and sporting tomahawk.

When United Cutlery claims to have made a double-bladed tactical tomahawk, they really mean it. This model has two identical blades. Both strong and durable enough to take down whatever you put in its way.

There are lots of benefits in having two outstanding blades. One of these isn’t always realized straight away. By having two blades, the tomahawk has exceptional balance and weight distribution that single-bladed tomahawks don’t have.

Throwing this one is even easier and doubles your chances of making a sharp blow to your object.

The accompanying sheath covers both blades safely so you can transport and store it without risks. Just be careful if you have never handled a dual-bladed tactical tomahawk like this before. Putting on the sheath requires a little more caution.

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  • Unique dual-blade design
  • More balance for throwing and carrying
  • Protective sheath case included
  • Bank-balance friendly
  • Suitable for hunting and recreational activities
  • Relatively thin handle


9) SOG F18-N Voodoo Hawk Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness
51-53 HRC

This SOG tactical tomahawk is a combination of two of their other impressive creations. Some of its most noteworthy features are its relatively large cutting head, considering its sub-13-inch overall length. On the opposite side to the sharp 51-53 HRC blade, you will be able to make good use of a butt cap.

This butt cap is perfect for breaching, hammering or chopping.

The head of the product sits on a nylon handle which has been enhanced with reinforced fiberglass. The handle incorporates ergonomic contours for maximum grip. These two components are secured together using steel ferrule and heavy-duty sturdy bolts.

The whole tactical tomahawk is kept safe in the industry-standard nylon sheath. Never get scratches and dents in your SOG product with this sheath. This may be a normal supplement to these products but, as ever, SOG goes beyond the norm.

They throw in a belt loop attachment as well so you can keep the tomahawk close by and accessible at every moment. Want more? That’s okay because they will even hand over a lifetime warranty as well!

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  • Impressive Rockwell Hardness rating
  • Contours for maximum grip
  • Butt cap added for more functions
  • Reinforced handle
  • Sheath and belt loop included
  • Widened handle end impedes throwing


10) Red Rock Rifleworks MT-1 Tactical Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Alloy steel

Rockwell Hardness
54-56 HRC

Next up is a USA-made tactical tomahawk which comes at a price. The extra money will be worth it for a lot of men who want unrivaled quality in terms of blade strength.

Equaling the best Rockwell Hardness rating on our buyer guide at 54-56 HRC is the work of Red Rock Rifleworks. This blade can be counted on and will make easy work of any breaching, chopping, hooking or hacking task. This is in partial thanks to a steep double bevel and meticulous hand sharpening.

It even has a spike added to the back of the head for secondary capabilities such as puncturing and prying!

The monolithic design adds to its structural durability while simultaneously reducing the weight and bulk of the tomahawk. The chamfered handle was made to keep you in control but may require quality tactical gloves for you to get the best out of it.

One of the other ways the designers have ensured this tactical tomahawk excels in performance is through its weight distribution. They have overloaded the head with more weight so it excels during striking. This cleverly increases the force of every swing – even those tired ones!

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  • Made by USA specialists
  • Hand-sharpened blade
  • Increased striking force
  • Spike for other uses
  • Steep double bevel
  • Expensive tactical tomahawk


11) CIMA Tactical Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness

The CIMA Tactical Tomahawk is all about its handle. Well, not quite, but this tomahawk has been designed to be an exceptional throwing tomahawk. They even test their handles by driving over them in cars. The result? The cars break!

That’s a lie – but the Tomahawks don’t break either!

The handle is made from nylon with reinforced fiberglass. That’s nothing new here – we know. What is new is the shape of the handle. It has been designed with a slight curve to make throwing this tactical tomahawk much more seamless and even safer.

If you’ve been searching for a tomahawk for throwing purposes then this could be a great option for you. The unique design will aid you in honing your throw every time!

Aside from the handle, the blade is also a good’un. It’s made with stainless steel, which is then coated in black oxide and treated with a special plasma. They certainly didn’t neglect the other parts of the design. To round off a nice tomahawk, they sell these with a triple-layered nylon sheath that can be hung from a belt.

Oh, and a 12-month warranty – we nearly forgot to mention that.

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  • Perfect for throwing
  • 12-month warranty
  • Nylon sheath included
  • Unique curved handle
  • Compact and light
  • Niche tomahawk market


12) CRKT Woods Kangee Tactical Tomahawk Axe

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Carbon steel

Rockwell Hardness

The Columbia River Knife and Tool company offer something that none of the previous suppliers have yet to offer. Choice! This model comes with three options. Buyers can choose to either just get their tomahawk ax, a tomahawk ax with a hammer, or, a tomahawk ax with a spike.

We don’t doubt you’ll be pleased with whichever one fits your needs.

It has a rustic appearance that wouldn’t look out of place in any man’s hand. At 19-inches long, the tactical tomahawk is a considerable size – but the Tennessee Hickory handle makes it streamlined and ready for action. It’s a lightweight tomahawk that won’t weigh you down and cause fatigue when jumping and running.

It also stores easily for optimal practicality.

The blade is solid too. It’s made of carbon steel that will slice through most materials effortlessly. This tactical tomahawk for men will come in handy for self-defense, combat or for recreational purposes. The Men’s Gear office needs some work so we’d get the one with the hammer – which one would you get?

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  • Streamlined handle
  • Rustic and rugged aesthetics
  • Three head options
  • Warranty included
  • Multifunctional tactical tomahawk
  • Lightweight design
  • No protective sheath is provided


13) United Cutlery M48 Destroyer Tomahawk Knife

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness

Possibly one of the scariest and meanest looking tactical tomahawks on the market is the United Cutlery Destroyer Knife. Any guy would want to be equipped with this ax as they head into the wild with their mates. That and some awesome conversation about the cool products we’ve been featuring lately.

The blade of the tactical tomahawk is made from stainless steel. It has then been given a black oxide coating to enhance its durability, followed by a satin finish to make it smooth and razor-sharp.

There is no denying the quality on offer in this option. The same care has been afforded to the spike on the opposite side of the blade. This can be used for puncturing and breaking glass if needed.

The whole head of the tomahawk is attached to the 16-inch handle using three immensely strong bolts. The handle continues the level of attention to detail on the head by incorporating an injection nylon mold and fiberglass filling. This adds to the durability and most likely makes this a tomahawk to last many hunting trips for years to come.

But, these guys don’t leave the handle there. They then go and wrap paracord around the handle to increase friction and improve control. Overall, a solid slicing and puncturing tomahawk!

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  • Mean looking tactical tomahawk
  • Extensive attention to detail
  • Sturdy and sharp blade
  • Maximum grip
  • Paracord handle
  • Spike added to the head
  • Their other models are lighter


14) Timberline Tactical Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Stainless steel

Rockwell Hardness

We appreciate a tactical tomahawk that packs other features that come in useful as multitools. We like them, even more, when the additions are unique. The Timberline Tactical Tomahawk is all about being edgy – no pun intended – and thinking outside the box.

The main event is a stainless-steel sharp blade that has been given a cool black finish. This finish not only makes it look like a badass tactical tomahawk, but it also improves its durability. The supporting acts to this reliable blade are what make the overall tomahawk stand out from the crowd.

It has a sharpened spike which has many uses. It can be relied on for puncturing and if needed, to defend yourself against an attacker. Another feature is its wrench. Yes, it is also a wrench which is specifically useful for turning gas valves. It even has a nail puller, a wire cutter and a piece that is used to scrape away at materials.

Sell your toolbox guys and just get one of these instead!

These are unique features on a tactical tomahawk, but it isn’t over. The product comes with two sheaths. One is a blade sheath made from Kydex. The second sheath is for the tomahawk’s handle.

This sheath has MOLLE webbing and a MOLLE loop on it so you can make even more essentials easily accessible and can attach it to a tactical backpack.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Unique features
  • Includes a wire cutter and wrench
  • Don’t forget the nail puller
  • MOLLE webbing on sheath
  • Strong blade for cutting
  • Slightly heavier than most competitors


15) Smith & Wesson Tactical Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
High-carbon steel

Rockwell Hardness

Nearing the end of our showcase of the best tactical tomahawks for men, we have the Smith & Wesson Tactical Tomahawk. It doesn’t have the unique and innovative inclusions like we just saw, but it certainly does the basics right to provide an apocalypse-survival friend. Of course, you can just take it hunting too…

The blade is manufactured using 1070 black high-carbon steel. This is enough strength to get the attention of amateur tomahawk users and professionals such as men of combat.

One of the safest aspects of this design is that the steel core is attached to the handles further down rather than attaching the head and the shaft at a higher point. Not to mention, four tight bolts that keep the whole product compact and secure.

The handle is made of TPE for durable use. One issue with the handle is that there is not much texture to increase friction and grip. However, the handle has been made black to seamlessly match the head. This tactical tomahawk comes with a thick canvas cover that closes using button snaps for blade protection.

The manufacturers do claim to also provide a belt loop but go on to say the weight of the tomahawk may make it unsuitable to add to a belt. That may be a little strange, but we appreciate their honesty.

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  • High-carbon steel blade
  • Safe attachment design
  • TPE grip
  • Canvas sheath with buttons
  • Cool all-black aesthetics
  • Potentially useless belt loop provided
  • Limited grip friction


16) CRKT Kangee T-Hawk ER Tomahawk

Blade Width


Overall Length

Head Material
Carbon steel

Rockwell Hardness

The penultimate tactical tomahawk is somewhat similar to the throwing tomahawk we witnessed earlier. Although, the curve in this model’s handle is for a slightly different purpose. These tomahawks are crafted using one slab of high-carbon steel.

The measurements of the blade allow it to perform more than basic cutting.

It’s also a must-have companion for shaving! We mean wood – not your face. Now cast your eyes towards the other side of this tomahawk’s head. Here you’ll find a spike to take care of obstacles the blade will struggle to deal with

Now take a look down to the handle. As already mentioned, the handle has a curve in it to improve balance and striking force. The complete handle is covered in scales to increase friction and control. It can be removed for extensive cleaning and maintenance.

The Tomahawk comes supplied with a Kydex sheath. This is to help you keep the blade free from damage and aesthetic imperfections.

However, this sheath has a trick up its sleeve. It’s MOLLE compatible. Note, this doesn’t mean it has MOLLE webbing for further gear. It means that it can be attached to other tactical gear that has MOLLE webbing such as tactical backpacks.

Destroy everything in your path and look good doing it with this awesome tactical tomahawk!

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  • Dual functioning head
  • Curved handle for improved performance
  • Handle scales increase grip
  • MOLLE-compatible sheath
  • Kydex protective sheath
  • Not the best value for money


17) Cold Steel Trench Hawk Trainer

We’re going to finish up here with a tactical tomahawk that is excellent value for money. But, there is a catch! This is a training tactical tomahawk designed to be bought before buying the same brand’s real model.

We included this one because it’s a great way for first-time buyers to see if a tomahawk is for you and to get to grips with how they’re used. It’s also a great option for newbies to ax throwing and a great resource for training for competitions.

Specifically, this training tomahawk is made as a precursor to their main Trench Hawk model. It has been manufactured to replicate the main product’s size, weight, and feel. The company has only made some slight adjustments to the training model so it’s safe for training.

For this reason, the tomahawk doesn’t have a steel blade or the same quality as the others. It’s in fact made from durable Santoprene and doesn’t require a sheath. For a smooth introduction into the world of tactical tomahawks, put your mind at rest and give this one a try.

Check Product Price // Read More Reviews

  • Perfect to train with
  • Used as a tactical tomahawk introduction
  • Made with durable Santoprene
  • Encourages safe practice
  • Less maintenance
  • Niche market


Did Any Of These Tactical Tomahawks Make The Cut For You?

We’ve shown you some of the best tactical tomahawks currently on the market and we wouldn’t be surprised if you found the best one for you in our list above. These made the cut for us but what do you think? We recommend jumping straight over to the tactical tomahawks you liked the most and learning a little more about them.

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