Seriously, what’s with LEGOs all of a sudden? Bugatti made a LEGO version of the Chiron a while back, and more recently, the McLaren Senna went through the same brick-enthused makeover. And now this Technic Ford Mustang Hoonicorn, which, guess what, is also yet another LEGO incarnation.

Not that we’re complaining, of course. In fact, it takes enormous craftsmanship to be able to pull that off, first and foremost, and we commend Bugatti and McLaren for doing so. But this one isn’t exactly a life-size LEGO replica. Quite the opposite, in fact.

If you follow drift racing legend Ken Block, you know the Ford Mustang Hoonicorn is one of his most iconic rides. We’ll never get to ride that, of course. But thanks to master LEGO builder Lachlan Cameron, we can have the next best thing — a drivable Technic version.

Unfortunately, it’s just the size of an RC car. Still, it’s a plastic building block project definitely worthy of your time. Cameron’s project is a spot-on recreation of Block’s ride. The best part is Cameron has detailed how to build it, so all you folks at home can cobble one up, as well. It even comes packing an electric drivetrain.

You can add buwizz batteries to make it go even faster. Cameron says it’s precisely because of buwizz that this Hoonicorn rips. There are four modes you can tinker with here, from Slow to Ludicrous. That icing on top really rounds it all out, turning it into a tiny but legitimate eight-speed machine.


Photos courtesy of lachlan Cameron