Earlier this week, one of gaming’s iconic mascots celebrated an event which falls on March 10 (which can be read like Mar10). To mark the occasion, a teaser was posted by Nintendo on America on Twitter. What was obvious is that it was a collaboration with our favorite plastic building blocks. A few days after the somehow cryptic tweet, we finally know that it was for the upcoming LEGO Super Mario playset.

We’re big fans of the Danish toymaker and Japanese gaming company, so this comes as a pleasant surprise. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what this product is all about and we absolutely love what it has to offer. The highlight of the package is the Mario LEGO figure which definitely resembles the heroic plumber. What’s cool about it is the fact that the eyes, mouth, and chest section are actually color displays. Furthermore, think of it as playing Super Mario Maker in real life.

This allows the figure to react to certain sensors that are within other pieces in the set. Nintendo probably wants to emulate how most of the Mario games play out. Therefore, elements such as a timer, environmental hazards, coin collecting, enemies, bosses, and reaching the flag at the end are all there. This makes LEGO Super Mario somewhat a complete experience for hardcore fans.

We can see the effort that Nintendo put to turn its mascot and game world from digital form into tangible objects. Aside from what the trailer shows, the LEGO Super Mario playset will have even more bundles. We can probably look forward to seeing Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, Bowser, and other series mainstays, in various packages. Unfortunately, pricing and release date are not yet available as of this writing.

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Images courtesy of LEGO