Aside from next-generation gaming systems, online streaming services, and video conferencing, there are other ways to stave off boredom amid these challenging times. In fact, some of you have probably picked up a new hobby or two along the way. If you want something to keep your hands occupied during weekends, LEGO just unveiled the Titanic set which is now up for preorder.

You must be wondering why the Dutch toymaker giving the ill-fated vessel the brick treatment. We have to understand that despite the cruel circumstances that befell the ocean liner during its maiden voyage, it was a feat of engineering during its time. As such, you can think of this Creator Expert kit as a remarkable tribute, because we do anyway.

LEGO dubs it as “a colossal achievement” and we believe the statement is accurate. This 1:200 scale model of the Titanic boasts 9,090 pieces in the box. It measures 18” x 7” x 54” (H x W x D) upon completion. Unless you’re pulling an all-nighter, don’t expect to finish this in one sitting. Even hardcore hobbyists take breaks.

We’re not sure how some of you might process the info, but this Titanic replica can detach into three sections. Although historical accounts tell us the ship broke in half before it completely plunged into the freezing depths, others might consider this a grim feature to have.

Anyway, this is intentional to let us peer inside the interior details. The cross-section areas offer a view of the smoking lounge, grand staircase, and boiler room, among others. You can even see the pistons in action when you turn the propellers. Given the dimensions, the Creator Expert Titanic is massive and will require adequate space to properly display.

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Images courtesy of LEGO