Coffee snobs will immediately recognize the Italian brand Lavazza. With years under the belt when it comes to producing best-tasting brews, you are guaranteed to enjoy every sip from your cup. Meanwhile, Smeg, another world-renowned label from Italy, has earned praises for the striking retro aesthetics of its domestic appliances. Now, the two are partnering up and presenting the A Modo Mio espresso machine. This stylish product not only crafts great beverages, but it can also enhance the interior of any home.

Much like the other items in their lineup, the A Modo Mio flaunts the brand’s distinct aesthetics. Buyers have three colors to choose from: Cream, red, black and all look equally striking. Throughout the housing, you can find chrome accents which is a brilliant contrast to its exterior. Even without the branding, it is immediately recognizable as a Smeg thanks to the iconic visual presentation.

Even though Lavazza already boasts a robust catalog different models, but there’s always room for more options. The espresso machine measures 11.42 inches high, 6.2 inches wide, and 14.41 inches deep. It weighs roughly 9.4 lbs which makes it manageable to move around the countertop. The A Modo Mio from Smeg has a 0.9-liter water tank with an alert system once empty.

It is compatible with Lavazza coffee capsules, which you can store in its drawer (up to 6). Some of its components are dishwasher-safe, which makes cleanup a breeze. Depending on how strong you are usually taking shots of espresso, there’s an option for regular or lungo extraction. Operation is ultimately convenient with push-button controls on the top of the A Modo Mio. You can also check out our guide on the best coffee machines for great alternatives.

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Images courtesy of Lavazza/Smeg