Imagine brewing beer at home like you would your morning cup of coffee. That’s what the new iGULU F1 does with features that simplifies the traditional and time-consuming beer making process with just a few clicks.

This is an all-in-one automated home craft beer brewer that makes foolproof suds every time. It requires very simple steps even a beginner or those with no experience at the craft can easily follow. You only need to add the beer kit and filtered water into the fermentation keg and initiate the brewing process with a push of a button.

The iGULU F1 automates the beer brewing using an integrated smart system temperature and pressure sensor to ensure a consistent result and a professional-level taste with every brew. These are also safety features that automatically adjust the temperature or release pressure to a safe level upon detection of abnormal data.

This machine can brew a gallon (116 oz.) of beer each time and depending on the brew kits or recipe, the whole process can take 5-12 days. Not just all kind of craft beer, it can brew any of your favorite fermented beverage including ciders, kombucha, hard apple cider, white wine, honey mead, pale and amber ale, a fruity Hazy IPA, and so much more.

A built-in CO2 gas cylinder tank enhances carbonation and preserves freshness of the drink, while an air pump conveniently pressurizes the brewing beverage. The iGULU F1 also offers ease of control by scanning the accompanying RFID card of the drink and the machine will do the rest.

You can also adjust and monitor the brewing process real time using its smart app control. The iGULU F1 also lets you get creative with the Master Mode, which lets you choose your own ingredients and recipes to brew your beverage.

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Images courtesy of iGULU