Our love of automobiles can sometimes go beyond the actual ride itself. For example, if you are die-hard gearhead, there are unique products out there that will impress. We can recall a Bluetooth speaker from Porsche Design that graced our pages before which sourced its parts from a 911 GT3. Then there’s another from the same company which was a writing desk. This time we have something that will perk you up in the morning. This here is the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition from Super Veloce.

The manufacturer outright reveals that this item is definitely for Porsche fanatics. It appears to be an intricately crafted tribute to the air-cooled flat-six power plant of the 993. Super Veloce is crafting it from high-end materials such as titanium and surgical-grade stainless steel. Additionally, some parts use 7075 and 6082 T6 aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. There are also some carbon fiber sections that add to its attractive aesthetics.

Despite what the name suggests, the Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is not your standard espresso machine. Instead, it offers the convenience of capsules to ensure that every serving tastes like perfection. Instead of the kitchen counter, it would more at home inside a fancy garage or a man cave. Everything about it just oozes with a style that will certainly make it a fantastic conversation piece.

Super Veloce absolutely knows how to create the most stylish items. The Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition is an exclusive offering with only 993 units up for production. Then there’s the regular version which sports solver and chrome elements, but a similar form factor.

Espresso Veloce RS Black Edition – $11,065

Images courtesy of Super Veloce