Last year, Lamborghini unveiled one of the most stunning supercars to see the light of day. Not only was it everything gearheads and collectors would love to own, but its hybrid nature was a first for the Italian marque. What makes it so coveted among automotive enthusiasts is its highly exclusive production of only 63 examples. By now, each unit has likely been spoken for, but there’s hope for those who still want one. Here is the Sián Roadster, which is equally as breathtaking.

The coupe version was awesome, but many who prefer to drive around with the top open can now do so. Much like the one before it, the center of attention goes to the cutting-edge powertrain. The V12 engine incorporates titanium intake valves and produces 774 horsepower. However, it draws an additional 34 horsepower boost from the 48V e-motor. In total, we’re looking at roughly 807 horsepower with 531 lb-ft of torque.

Lamborghini pairs it with a 7-speed Independent Shifting Rods (ISR) automated manual transmission, which delivers everything to all four of its wheels. Instead of a lithium-ion battery that you can find on all-electric models, the Sián Roadster uses a supercapacitor. This system recharges each time the driver steps on the brakes and stores enough charge for parking or reversing the vehicle.

The exterior of the Sián Roadster flaunts a striking Blu Uranus coat, while the wheels sport an Oro Electrum (gold) finish. Buyers can even personalize their rides by 3D-printing their initials on the air vents. Only 19 will ever see production and it’s likely already sold out. At $3,297,632, this is a limited-edition machine that most Lamborghini fans can only dream of.

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Images courtesy of Lamborghini