If you don’t want to install a camper on your pickup truck or SUV, there are other alternatives. Since your ride likely has a good towing capacity, why not go for a trailer type instead? We have a couple of suggestions in mind depending on your needs. For a more compact yet feature-packed platform, Kuckoo presents its Bruno.

The Lochgau, Germany-based outfit notes that it’s time for outdoor leisure-seekers to consider non-tear-drop profiles. Thus, the Bruno features what the brand calls a square-drop silhouette. Now, this is a camper that packs a lot of features into something with a smaller footprint.

It measures approximately 15 x 6.1 x 6.4 feet (L x H x W) and tips the scales at 1,168.45 lbs. Keep in mind the weight is based on the standard setup and will change with add-ons. No parking on the driveway as the camper trailer can fit inside your average garage.

By default, Kuckoo builds it on a braked chassis. The camper trailer mostly uses wood for its construction. To keep the exterior safe from the elements, epoxy resin, fiberglass, and a 2K PU coating available in RAL colors. Meanwhile, the interior looks elegant with oiled wooden surfaces.

For privacy, all windows come with roller shutters and mesh screens to keep annoying insects out. Cook inside or outside as the Bruno lets you slide out the cooking area along with the shelves. A 12V battery system powers the interior and exterior lights, but you can also add optional solar panels.

Organize your stuff with ease as the Bruno boasts multiple storage areas. Get in touch with Kuckoo to personalize the camper trailer according to your specifications.

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Images courtesy of Kuckoo Camper