These days, due to the higher risk of COVID-19 transmissions in urban areas, outdoor activities are growing in popularity. Camping, hiking, or other related forms of leisure are now the go-to options during our days off. The Kerfton wants to make each trip fun and memorable as it becomes your home away from home. Just haul it to your favorite spot, set it up, and you’re good to go.

One of the trends we’re seeing is pickup truck conversions. As long as owners are willing to give up the cargo space of the bed, many shops will gladly turn it into a personalized camper. The Kerfton, on the other hand, is a family-size camper trailer that promises creature comforts for a great time almost anywhere.

Before its deployed, the Kerfton showcases a modern and aerodynamic profile. Even if it’s just parked on your driveway, the camper trailer will not look out of place. The thing that matters the most is the ease of use. The manufacturer ensures that every aspect is hassle-free so you can spend more time relaxing.

It’s awesome that you can access the kitchen equipment even when the rest of the camper trailer is still enclosed. This makes it ideal for quick stops to rustle up some grub before you head back out on the road. Another scenario makes it easier to prepare meals while the others configure the living and sleeping area.

Space is not a problem as adults have a queen size bed all to themselves. Meanwhile, kids or other people in your group can sleep in two single beds on each side. Tables and benches are included with your Kerfton so you can dine outside or inside. The Kerfton will make each trip fun and fantastic.

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Images courtesy of Kerfton