The debate regarding the wearing of face masks to prevent transmissions of the 2019 novel coronavirus does not seem to be ending soon. Still, studies published by experts show that it – like most pathogens – can spread via aerosols. With new infections still on the rise, we would rather not take any chances. For that extra peace of mind at home, KeySmart is offering the CleanLight Air XL.

With the upsurge in demand for air purifiers, you need to narrow down which one is the best for you. For establishments that get a lot of foot traffic on a daily basis, perhaps commercial-grade models would be the best. However, even those intended for use at home can be bulky in size as well. Not the CleanLight Air XL though.

In contrast to its name, KeySmart is designing this device with a space-saving approach in mind. Measuring only 3.75 x 9.45 x 7.95 inches and weighing around 3 lbs, it will remain discreet in any room. In fact, the stealthy colorway, subtle status lights, and small illuminated segment LCD barely draws attention.

On the other hand, when it comes to what it was built to do, the CleanLight Air XL handles the task efficiently. KeySmart notes that it can easily handle spaces of up to 550 square feet. According to the manufacturer, it’s roughly about the size of your average cereal box which makes it three times smaller than other air purifiers with the same capacity.

The CleanLight Air XL uses a combination of an H13 HEPA filter and UV light technology. KeySmart claims it can trap 99.5% of pollutants and destroy 99.9% of pathogens. The real-time air quality monitor also gives you a visual overview with color-coded status lights.

Buy – $319.99

Images courtesy of KeySmart