The year is already off to a great start for techies courtesy of the 2024 CES in Nevada. Look forward to our coverage of the latest and ground-breaking concepts or commercial products. It’s time we take a look at what LG has in store for consumers soon. In an unexpected move, the company unveiled its SIGNATURE OLED T.

Everybody knows that the South Korean firm is one of the world’s leading suppliers of televisions and other displays. Most of their panels end up in various high-end devices manufactured by other brands. What they had on the show floor at the Consumer Electronics Show may just be a preview of cool things to come.

The SIGNATURE OLED T blew everyone away for a good reason and it has something to do with our undying fascination with electronics and see-through enclosures. Yes, this 4K is supposedly “the world’s first wireless transparent 4K OLED TV.” Of course, Samsung was also ready with a transparent micro LED model to compete with its rival.

However, to be fair, Xiaomi beat everyone to the punch when it launched the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition more than two years ago. Nevertheless, LG’s latest panel is capable of rendering sections opaque, according to reports. With this in place, owners no longer have to worry about where to position their see-through display.

It also means whatever’s behind does not become a visual distraction. People who prefer to keep their spaces neat with matching decor no longer have to worry about an ugly black rectangle whenever the TV is turned off. The SIGNATURE OLED T can also be wall-mounted to make more room for furniture and other items.

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Images courtesy of LG