Kershaw never fails when it comes to producing note-worthy and durable pocketknives and the Kershaw Leek Knife is no different. Versatility, compact, and sharpness are never compromised.

This EDC boasts a 3. 5-inch blade made from 14C28N Sandvik Steel, which is by far one of the strongest knife steel in the world. It is professional-grace and can cut through almost anything. Chef knives, hunting, and fishing knives also use this tough steel. The blade is also for the long haul as it is corrosion-resistant and has high hardness. It is also able to retain its edge even after many uses: it does not chip, fold or roll.

The use of 14C28N Sandvik Steel in the Kershaw Leek Knife makes it a reliable all-around tool. It makes blade resharpening easy too and requires minimal cleaning. Outside of the blade, this compact knife also uses 410 stainless alloy for the handle for corrosion-resistance and optimum strength and hardness.

Similar to other Kershaw knives, this model utilizes the same SpeedSafe spring-assisted opening mechanism. This allows minimal effort in opening and provides maximum functionality. It makes it an easy tool to work with both left and right-handed users (ambidextrous). As such, it is a one-handed knife that employs a simple thumb-stud push to flip open and close the blade.

Meanwhile, a frame lock keeps the blade in place during use to prevent accidents. It also keeps the blade firmly closed when not in use in the pocket so it doesn’t slide out. The Kershaw Leek Knife is literally user-friendly and portable at just 7 inches long with a blade and handle thickness of just 0.09 and 0.31 inches, respectively, It is also lightweight at 3 ounces.

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Images courtesy of Kershaw