Reliable streetwear that can take you from formal to casual in seconds is a steal when you often walk the urban jungle. The Jay23 Smart Heated Hoodie, for instance, not only boasts a minimalist appeal that suits any fashion stall. It also packs amazing 22 functional features that you can’t find in any of its kind.

This is no ordinary hoodie as it comes with necessities for a connected lifestyle even when on the go. It has a dedicated pocket for wireless charging, has holes for cables or earphones, and a built-in detachable waterproof waist sack if you want to pack light. Best of all, it is Bluetooth-ready so you can connect to your iOS or Android device. It comes with an app where you can adjust heat temperature settings for the two 10W heating pockets.

Moreover, the Jay23 Smart Heated Hoodie has a built-in face mask perfect for this pandemic and a full-length zipper to transform it into a blackout hoodie, which is convenient for quick naps in public. Meanwhile, an RFID-equipped chest zipped pocket lets you forego wallets when bringing your important cards.

This is high-tech streetwear designed with weather-resistant offerings to make it last yet comfortable for everyday use. Inspired by sportswear solutions, it is equipped with air vents and meshed pockets for breathability. It has 16 useful pockets and a fabric that is water and stain-resistant. The unique addition to the Jay23 Smart Heated Hoodie is the suspender system that lets you go hands-free. The jacket hangs loose on your back and stays there after you unzip.

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Images courtesy of Jay23