The iFlow Touchless Faucet is a step-up to your faucet add-on. It conveniently tells you the water temperature, water volume, while keeping your hands safe from possible bacteria contamination.

This ingenious device lets you use the faucet without actually having to use your hands to turn it on and off. It uses a couple of sensors to automatically pour water out and stop the faucet after use to prevent drips. It is powered by hydraulics, meaning there’s no need to recharge as the flow of water acts as the charger. A backup battery comes handy when the device has not been used for a long time thus there is no hydraulic power.

The iFlow Touchless Faucet has an IPS touchscreen display that provides certain information including water temperature, water amount, and provides customization. There are times that you want to keep the water running instead of stopping every time your hand is away from the sensor. You can do so by choosing the non-stop flow mode from the display.

The display also lets you choose the volume of water you want. This device minimizes the chances of possible bacteria contamination you get from the faucet in your sinks. It also filters out water from sand, mud, and other impurities. It prevents unwanted water waste when it stops the faucet automatically after use to prevent drips.

The iFlow Touchless Faucet is fairly easy to set up or hook into your existing faucet. It goes in place of the faucet cap.

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Images courtesy of iFlow