The Anova Precision Oven Combi-Cooker lets you cook chef-quality meals with a simple tap command. It saves time and energy without sacrificing the quality of your food.

This smart oven combines convection, steam, and sous vide to give you delicious meals cooked to perfection. It uses precise temperature control and Wi-Fi smarts so you can prep meals ahead of time even when not at home.

Aesthetics-wise, it boasts an elegant appeal. It has a tempered glass door and a touchscreen display for the temperature and time control and the cooking mode. The temperature ranges between 25–250°C and in sous vide at 25–100°C. It features three sensors: a wet bulb, ambient temperature, and steam boiler. The sensors keep the oven temperature precise so it cooks perfectly. A tank on the side stores water for steaming.

The Anova Precision Oven Combi-Cooker can even cook your meals over W-Fi through a dedicated mobile app. The app lets you change cooking settings and the oven detects the changes accordingly. Whether you want to steam, bake, sous vide, roast, or sear, the possibilities are endless with this machine. It can make the perfect sous vide 50 percent faster.

Likewise, the app lets you monitor the cooking process from anywhere. it also gives you options on different recipes and you can also share your own with the other owners or users.

The Anova Precision Oven Combi-Cooker is a kitchen must-have if you have a big family. It has five rack positions so you can cook a feast. It lets you make a variety of meals less the hassle, energy, and time.

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Images courtesy of Anova