Don’t you just love when watchmakers take a break from classic design languages every now and then? Some do it on a regular basis which can make it seem like the lineup is uninspired. Thus, the best approach might be to occasionally deviate from the norm. Hublot is starting the year with a bang (literally) as it introduces the Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold. The name sounds like a mouthful, but the watch lives up to it.

We think Hublot struck gold (pardon the pun, we can’t help it) with the presentation of this new timepiece. The Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold is shaping up to be intentionally flexing its manufacturer’s patented scratch-resistant 18-karat gold alloy. The 45 mm case is fashioned from the aforementioned material and gets an attractive contrast with the black hardware and straps.

The Bezel shows 6 H-shaped, black-plated titanium screws and a noticeable bump from its otherwise normal form factor. This is also where things start to get awesome as we move onto the intricate nuances of the watch. It is not immediately visible from afar, but the sapphire crystal caseband of the Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold is a premium touch.

Then there’s the sub-dial which sits just above the seven in-line barrels of its HUB9011 Manufacture manual calibre. This gives the Big Bang MP-11 Magic Gold an exceptional 14-day power reserve. You can also peek at the intricate construction of its movement through the exhibition caseback. Hublot is only crafting 50 of these, which are all likely spoken for as of this writing.

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Images courtesy of Hublot