Suzuki might be the last brand that comes to mind when we’re talking about off-road activities. To be fair, this Japanese marque does have a lineup of cool rides for those seeking adventures. Perhaps its offerings are just overshadowed by other high-profile competitors. Nevertheless, we encourage you to check out this cool project from Holy Shift Garage. The Gymni is a reworked Omni that has been equipped to plough through the roughest terrain that comes your way.

This team of Indian mechanical marvels are even making a play on words. You see, Suzuki actually manufacturers a mini SUV called the Jimny and we’re guessing Gymni is pronounced the same way. To start off, the shop is using the Omni – a microvan platform – as the donor vehicle. Then they are kitting it out with all the good stuff for the great outdoors.

Scavenging some more capable pieces of the puzzle from a Suzuki Samurai, Holy Shift is going the extra mile for this makeover. This includes the rear axle and the engine, which was sadly lacking for this type of build. Just in case it tips over, the beefy roll cage should take care of everything. We’re also seeing the addition of skid plates to shield the underside from bumps and bruises.

Meanwhile, gone are the wheel arches with custom steps to help owners reach the roof rack. Furthermore, this gives space for the wheels and the Maxxis all-terrain rubber that goes with it. Other notable add-ons include a jerry-can rack, a folding rear rack for motorcycles and more. Holy Shift really did a bang-up job when converting the Suzuki Omni into the Gymni.

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Images courtesy of Holy Shift