You don’t really need a pocket knife or a folder for small or quick-cutting tasks. When opening boxes or packages, you can simply reach for the cutter just like those durable ones from the Grovemade Task Knife collection.

Its blade is not as sharp as those found on pocketknives. But it does a great job at light-duty tasks. As such, it is an ideal desktop addition so you can easily reach for it when you need to open a letter, packages, or cut pieces of paper.

The blade does not need sharpening. But if there’s a call for it, then it works with any pocket knife sharpener out there. The Grovemade Task Knife even comes with attractive aesthetics that would spice up any work table. It boasts a geometric design that’s both elegant and practical in its appeal. It is machined from solid stainless steel and finished off with a black ceramic coating to make it durable and practically indestructible. It feels hefty at 2.7 ounces yet it sits comfortably in the hands for a secure grip.

This can also be a practical everyday carry and with its compact size, it can easily slip in your pockets. Its blade is merely 1.44 inches and is at an overall size of 4.75 x 0.65 x 0.25 inches. Plus, the design makes it so it can sit on the desk either sideways or laid flat. 

Manufactured entirely in the Portland area, the Grovemade Task Knife comes in three colorways. Aside from the black finish, it also comes in polished raw steel and brass. 

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Images courtesy of Grovemade