Slippers are essential footwear you need wherever you go: be it at home or out on a quick run to the grocery. Sometimes it can be a hassle though having to switch from slippers to shoes when you’re in a rush. Thankfully, there are those that work great in both aspects. The GREATS Foster Slipper, specifically, is a versatile pair that you can wear either at home or on the street. This pair is especially comfy to use during chilling weather as it mimics a warm, puffy jacket to give your feet the cuddle they need.

This slipper can take you from work-from-home getup to quick errand moments. It is stylish, modern, and downright versatile. These are sustainable slippers that offer plush comfort and enough style. It looks good dressed down and even in casual office wear. A pair of khaki pants or tweed pants would look great paired with this footwear.

The GREATS Foster Slipper features a puffer-jacket inspired upper made from fully-recycled fishing nets and carpet to keep your toes toasty. Its outsole is from 100 percent natural rubber that’s durable enough for both indoor and outdoor wear.

Meanwhile, its cushioned footbed is ultra-comfortable on the sole with its cushioned foam wrapped in soft leather. These are perfect for days when you want something warm and cushy around your feet when you’re just lounging at home. The company assures this slipper does not use virgin plastics. The lining on the GREATS Foster Slipper is even made from recycled plastic bottles.

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Images courtesy of GREATS