uys, are you looking for something a little different to wear on your feet instead of those sneakers you wear all the time? Or maybe you need to break away from those smarter-than-Einstein dress shoes? You should consider slip-on shoes for men as your new favorite go-to!

Before you start to grumble about those hideous Crocs you’ve seen weirdos wear at the beach or moan about how you won’t be seen dead in sandals, relax! We’re clearly not thinking of the same slip-on shoes that you might be.

When we say slip-on shoes for men, we mean a slick and street-smart pair of Vans that are like a subdued alternative to their normal output. Possibly a pair of suede moccasins that are casual, but versatile to be worn to dinner at night.

Slip-on shoes only sound bad in your head, we believe. We can even prove it with this post, as we look at 16 of the best slip-on shoes available for men right now. Before we get down to business, we know there are a lot of questions that need addressing when it comes to slip-on shoes. Let’s tackle them, head on!

What Are the Benefits of Slip-On Shoes?

When deciding if you should invest in slip-on shoes for men, you’ve probably wondered what makes them so special. What are the advantages of wearing them?

Even if you don’t have a problem with laces, there is a certain lazy ass joy that you can only experience with a nice pair of slip-ons. There’s no hassle to sliding your foot into a snug pair of slip-on shoes. It’s almost as if in one swift move your hairy, monstrous feet are transformed into stylish vehicles for getting you around town.

You’re now ready to take on the world, and it required only the minimal amount of effort.

A further benefit of the heroically lazy style of these kinds of shoes is the fact that they provide excellent arch support. This is something that will benefit those of you reading who have flat feet.

As they are generally quite lightweight, many guys prefer to wear moccasins or loafers during summer. This is due to the breathability many offer your feet.

It’s true that if slip-on shoes were more laidback than they already are, they’d be chilling out watching Netflix. Despite this, they’re actually incredibly versatile. Not only will they look good with that cool pair of jeans you have, but they will go with a smart pair of pants and a shirt.

Are Slip-On Shoes For Men Comfortable?

Comfort, when it comes to shoes, like any other piece of clothing, is a hugely personal thing. Slip-on shoes for men are generally lightweight in design and do not have laces that can dig into your feet if you tighten them too much. This suggests straight off the bat that they are comfortable.

However, it is important to find a pair that fits just right. If they’re too loose they will be more frustrating to wear than anything else. We think, if you find a pair that works for you, they could be the most comfortable pair of shoes you wear.

What Are the Main Slip-On Shoe Brands?

Slip-on shoes for men or women come in many forms. Whether it’s moccasins, loafers, huarache, or something else. They have been manufactured and released by a number of high profile brands over the years.

Most notably, Vans and Cole Haan have released numerous slip-on for men over the years to great success. Although most popular brands have entered the slip-on shoe market with varying degrees of success.

Tod’s and Georgia Giant, along with household names such as Sketchers, Jimmy Choo, Gucci, and even Nike have had a go at designing and making slip-on shoes.

As you dive into this list of the top 16 slip-on shoes for men, you will find that there are some extremely well-known brands. You might find some that are not quite as big. We’ve tried to, as ever, provide a good representation of the market and offer something for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a cool pair of slip-on shoes, we know you’ll find the pair for you. Be warned though, you may fall for more than one of these slick and laidback shoes!

1) Nisolo Men’s Huarache Sandal

Brand Name

The first slip-on shoes for men on our list is a pair best described as “leather sandals.” We know we said we weren’t going to discuss sandals. We aren’t backtracking from that either. Sometimes there must be exceptions to rules, and these shoes made by Nisolo are certain sandal-like.

However, they show many differences to them too.

Note that we claimed they are leather. We’ve now said that twice and with good reason. Huarache is a Mexican style of leather thonged sandal comprised of leather strips, as illustrated by the accompanying picture. They are technically classed as sandals and they’re possibly a bit bold for some guys reading this.

However, we still couldn’t write this article without paying tribute to their elegant design and craftsmanship.

Nisolo has handmade these shoes using high-quality leather and rubber. Did we mention that Nisolo has a commitment to only sell ethically made products? It’s guaranteed therefore that each pair of shoes they make comes directly from their factory in Peru.

Want to stand out from the crowd a little and make a fashion statement as well as a socio-political statement? These Nisolo huarache sandals enable you to do just that it in a major way.

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  • Breathable design
  • Leather insole has microporous cushioning
  • True to size fit
  • Might not be to everyone’s tastes
  • Still a sandal and not great for everyday use in bad weather


2) Tod’s Men’s Blue Leather Slip-on Sneakers

Brand Name

How about something Italian on this list? What self-respecting guy doesn’t like slipping into some nicely crafted leather? This extremely cool pair of slip-on sneakers is from the highly reputable Italian fashion house, Tod’s. They are known for producing sophisticated and stylish footwear, among other items.

The great thing about these slip-on shoes for men is that they don’t actually look any different from normal sneakers. Well, apart from the missing laces. Casual in style, handcrafted with precision and decades of experience. Something you’d expect from the likes of an iconic brand like Tod’s.

They have been made using 100% high-quality leather and feature a comfortable rubber sole. As a result, we think they won’t look out of place paired with simple shorts and t-short combo. However, they are versatile enough to look great with a nice shirt and chinos or slacks.

Want all the benefits that come with easy on, easy off slip-ons, without drawing too much attention to yourself? Maybe you should consider this slick pair of sneakers.

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  • High quality leather upper
  • Smart casual style
  • Versatile
  • Expensive for what they are


3) Vans Classic Slip-on Shoes

Brand Name
13 x 6 x 5 inches

A list all about slip-on shoes for men wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Vans. They are a true pioneer in this style and are incredibly popular for several. Some assumed they were only for punk rockers or skateboarders, but that isn’t the case.

Vans has become a brand that works for all ages, and their shoes are no different.

The shoes above have a universal appeal for guys of all ages. We haven’t found a pair of Vans that wasn’t oozing in effortless style and cool. These may stand out above them all.

The effortless cool matches up with the lack of effort it takes to slip them on. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on wearing them for a trip to the beach or to tackle the urban jungle on your skateboard. Even if you have a hot date with the girl from the accountant’s office.

Take her for sushi or something, regardless of where you’ll look amazing in these Vans. You simply cannot go wrong here.

Made from cotton with a padded footbed and collar for extra comfort, holes were drilled into them to make them breathable. Take all the above into consideration and the fact they won’t break the bank. How can you resist their charm?

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  • Cotton drilled lining for breathability and additional comfort
  • Strong and long-lasting upper
  • High-quality cotton
  • Classic styling
  • The only negative we could find was that one or two customers noted you might have to wear them in for longer than you’d expect before they start to feel comfortable


4) Georgia Giant Men’s Romeo Slip-On Work Shoe

Brand Name
Georgia Giant
12 x 8 x 4 inches

Georgia Giant has a sterling reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality footwear for all kinds of industries. Fans of Georgia Giant boots and shoes will always tell you just how reliable and dependable they are. These slip-on shoes for men known as Romeo highlight just what makes Georgia Giant shoes stand out.

That is rugged good looks, clean lines, beautifully crafted leather, and a comfortable fit.

These are perfect if you want a pair of shoes to work in that don’t have ridiculously long laces. You know, the ones you need to weave in crazy forms over and over just to make them tight? Don’t lie, we know you’ve had them.

With a very durable upper made from full-grain leather, this mold perfectly to the unique shape of your feet to provide you with the most comfortable wear. Another feature worth noting about this pair of Romeo slip-on shoes is the fact that they have slip resistance on the outer sole.

If you need to look good and feel good throughout a hard day’s work, these are a wise investment.

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  • Full-grain leather
  • Incredibly snug and comfortable fit
  • Very durable
  • The major issue with these is that they need to be worn in a lot before they’re comfortable
  • Some customers advise ordering wide sized shoes to compensate for the fact they are very tight fitting


5) Rivieras Tour De Monde

Brand Name

Rivieras is now considered to be one of the big names in classic loafer design. The Spanish-based company’s low-profile slip-on shoes for men like the Tour De Monde are all about embracing life. That is in addition to taking on new challenges and meeting new people.

They want to redefine what it means to be relaxed and comfortable.

They have dispensed with the Earthy tones of the 50’s Med footwear and menswear they were originally inspired by. This comes with what has kept that simplistic and laid-back silhouette in play. Made from tough canvas with a luxuriously soft sheepskin inner-sole and terrycloth lining, they won’t feel like a chore to wear.

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  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable interior
  • The only negative point about these we could find was that one customer suggested they have a habit of making your feet sweat and if they get wet and aren’t dried properly, they could also stink


6) Fisca Men’s Leather Driving Loafers

Brand Name

By far one of the more budget-friendly pair on this list, these Fisca Men’s leather driving loafers is very appealing. As displayed in the picture above, the brown leather has a versatile tone. It will surely lend itself to all kinds of clothing for all kinds of occasions.

However, we don’t recommend wearing them with a suit to a formal event.

That aside, they will work well with khaki or white shorts. They can also work with a pair of jeans and even a nice pair of chinos. They feature a breathable and comfortable insole that is designed to absorb moisture. It also helps keep you from resting on your feet and causing unattractive smells.

These are a great pair of slip-on shoes for men for use every day.

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  • Comfortable fit
  • Look nice, despite their low price point
  • Some customers have commented that they worried about how long they would last


7) XMWealthy British Style Breathable Flat Dress Shoes

Brand Name

Another pair of slip-on shoes for men at a more affordable price is the XMWealthy shoe. Based on the classic British Oxford shoes, the pair above is made from synthetic materials and feature a rubber sole.

We chose them because of how good they look for the price point. Smooth faux leather will always pair nicely with a multitude of different garments. More comfortable than a pair of normal dress shoes, these slip-on shoes are ideal if you have that romantic meal planned.

You know the ones, like for you and your wife/girlfriend or maybe a lover. We aren’t judging, we promise. They are equally ideal for wearing to work at the office or for ordinary day to day activities.

Looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of shoes? Maybe you’ll use them for driving in or just as a backup for the days when you want to leave dress shoes or sneakers behind. Regardless of the reason or occasion, this pair is perfect. Can we really avoid trying them out with a price as low as the one they’re asking?

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  • Most customers praised the comfortable fit these shoes provide
  • Their breathability is another high point
  • Many customers have suggested that there are issues with the fit, but this can be sorted by ordering half a size or full size smaller than your normal size


8) Sabah Slip-on

Brand Name

The next pair on our list of great slip-on shoes for men is this awesome pair that comes all the way from Turkey. This pair is travel-ready, stylish, and supremely comfortable. Sabah takes their inspiration from the traditional Turkish slip-on from Gaziantep.

The leather used in the upper is sourced and cut from premium-quality cowhide. They’re sewn by hand by highly skilled and experience shoemakers who have been working in the industry since the 1880s. One continuous thread of waxed cotton is used to stitch the cowhide leather to the rubber.

This is done to produce a shoe that is both resoleable and incredibly durable.

For the price point, they offer superior style and durability. The tremendous craftsmanship that has gone into them is excellent to see. For our money, they rank as one of the best on our list.

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  • Handcrafted and stitched
  • Made from high quality, locally sourced cowhides
  • Durable and resoleable
  • Probably for light home/garden use only


9) BEFAiR Men’s Lightweight Mesh Shoes

Brand Name

BEFAiR is a fairly new player in the footwear world. However, they have a vibrant and modern approach to making shoes that not only look good but feel good. Their goal is to design, produce, and supply the most reliable and practical products they can to customers.

These lightweight mesh slip-on shoes for men fit that description perfectly.

Just look at these awesome things. Although you won’t be inconspicuous with these on, who’d want to if your feet were adorned in them? The shoes demand attention and respect, dammit!

They are made from a light and relaxing combination of high-quality canvas. This is in addition to mesh with a sole of soft and light rubber. You will look and feel good whatever the weather or occasion.

Meeting the guys for a few beers at the local dive bar or heading out to lunch with your better half? These are a great option to have at the ready.

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  • Affordable
  • High-quality construction and finish, considering the relatively low price point
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • At least one customer suggested they could be a bit on the small side


10) Astorflex Patnoflex

Brand Name

If you’ve not heard of Astorflex, you’re missing out on one of the best shoe brands in the world. Despite only gaining greater prominence in recent years, Astorflex is a family-run shoemaking team. They have been designing and constructing shoes and boots in Northern Italy where they are based for more than six generations.

What makes them stand out and why should you invest in them?

Just look at them. Don’t think about anything else, just think about how good your normally unsightly feet will look snugly sitting inside these beauties.

These slip-on shoes for men start with a high-quality European leather. They have been patiently aged for 30 days in a concoction that comprises of powered mimosa, oak bark, and water. The robust and beautiful material is then softened.

This helps to give it the supple texture and consistency that lends itself to being formed into the awesome shoes in the picture.

For the eco-friendly out there, you’ll be pleased to know these are always made with the environment firmly in mind.

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  • High quality materials
  • Expert craftsmanship
  • Comfortable
  • Some customers have noted that they lack the padding you will often get in shoes at a similar price point


11) Bruno Marc Bush Driving Loafers

Brand Name
Bruno Marc

Talk about stylish, look at these awesome driving slip-on shoes for men from Bruno Marc. Taking inspiration from Italian leather loafers, these literally scream comfort to us and we’re sure you will agree.

The manmade materials used in their construction convincingly look like leather. Lightweight and flexible, these are ideal for everyday use. However, they will not look too casual if you have to wear them out to dinner with your hot date.

Neither will they look too smart for hanging out with your friends at the local dive bar or basketball court.

The only problem with these shoes is that you are probably going to wear them for everything. This is likely because you will be getting so many compliments that you won’t want to take them off. The inner sole consists of a luxury latex cushioned footbed that acts almost like an actual bed.

Did we mention the really cool Ferrari -like emblem to the side of the heel?

There’s no shame to be had if you’re already shouting into your computer ‘Take my money now!’. We understand and are not judging you. This is because we’re doing the same.

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  • Great looking, in fact, many customers have noted that they look even better in person than the pictures
  • They do tend to run larger than the average shoe, so take that into consideration when buying
  • Well-constructed for the price point
  • Apart from the rare comment that they didn’t last beyond a couple of days of use, the only negative about these shoes is that they are not very breathable and could benefit from an additional innersole.


12) Golaiman Men’s Casual Shoes

Brand Name

A great quality and breathable pair of canvas slip-on shoes for men can be found in these Golaiman canvas shoes. They’re a nice addition to any man’s wardrobe. Particularly in the light tones pictures, they will pair up with smart and casual attire, as required.

It doesn’t matter if you want to hit the shops in town or you are heading out for tacos with your buddies.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re spending the night in the company of your better half for a candlelit dinner of steak and wine. These canvas slip-ons are a nice investment.

They feature an excellent elastic slip that has double the stretchability to make it even easier to slip these shoes on and off than others. Additionally, the durable anti-skid and anti-wear soles are made from good quality rubber and will give you extra grip on slippery surfaces.

This makes them ideal for many work situations.

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  • Well designed and well-constructed
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Despite size issues reported by some customers, most have suggested they are sized perfectly
  • The only negative comment we found was related to the fact that the shoes a particular customer ordered came with dark spots. So, this may not be an issue to do with the actual shoes or brand themselves and the seller


13) Cole Haan Nantucket Loafer

Brand Name
Cole Haan
10 x 6 x 4 inches

There once was a young man from Nantucket…we’ll leave it there and you and your filthy little minds can fill in the blanks if you really want to. We have something a bit different inspired by the Massachusetts island to speak about than obscene limericks (sorry guys, maybe next time!).

Cole Haan is a Chicago-based footwear and accessory company that has been business since 1928. Although it is currently based in New York City. They are one of the highly regarded brands within the world of loafers and slip-on shoes for men.

This Nantucket pair is designed and constructed using high-quality leather and have a rubber sole that offers comfort as well as protection.

We know there is a lot of love out there for Cole Haan and using this pair as an example of the brand. It’s not too hard to see why. They ooze stylish cool effortlessly and can instantly enhance your look in the seconds it takes to slip them on.

They are a must for the stylish guy that doesn’t want to waste too much time on his footwear. He knows he wants to look fresher than a coat of paint every single time he steps out the door. Cole Haan is more than happy to help.

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  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Well-made
  • According to most customers, these shoes fit incredibly well
  • Some customers have noted that their particular shoes were bigger than expected, but this does not appear to be an issue with all Cole Haan shoes.


14) Gucci Men’s Noel Leather Web Loafer

Brand Name
15 x 8 x 5-inches

You need to have some big kahunas and self-esteem to wear this outlandish pair of loafers from the fashion gods that are Gucci. We get it, they are not for everyone. However, for the man that wants a challenge, they are perfect. This Noel Leather Web loafer is among the best slip-on shoes for men on the market today.

As a striking example of how stylish and smart a pair of slip-ons can be, these are perfect. There’s no lightly toned tan or off-white coloring. Big and bold, these will certainly draw attention.

As mentioned above, they were designed and manufactured by Gucci. The iconic brand is known for their quality in craftsmanship and materials used in their products.

Handcrafted painstakingly in Italy by the master craftsman, these consist of a soft calfskin upper with a special convertible heel that can be dropped lower when you desire a lower-profile shoe. Even if anyone looking at these shoes did not see the double G, they’d probably still assume they were Gucci.

This pair may not be for everyone, but there is something about the Gucci mark that makes them worthy of trying. Even just to say you tried a Gucci! They are high in quality, making them hard to overlook when it comes to slip-on shoes for men.

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  • The symbol of high-end fashion, style and workmanship that is the double G
  • High-quality calfskin upper
  • Durable rubber sole
  • The only negative we could find about these shoes is that outlandish and vibrant color


15) GUESS Men’s Edwin2 Loafer

Brand Name

GUESS, we are sure we don’t need to tell you, are an extremely reputable and successful fashion label. They design and manufacturer comfortable and attractive shoes like the ones pictured on this page. They also make quality menswear, womenswear, kids wear, and all sorts of accessories.

However, it’s these slip-on shoes for men that have our interest. The Edwin2 shoes share something in common with the Gucci pair above. They have a collapsible heel covering that can convert them into a more slide-style slip-on shoe instead of the loafer-style as pictured.

When GUESS is involved in the constructing of a shoe, you know that quality is behind it. They bring high quality in terms of the materials sourced and used in the constructing a great shoe. The shoemakers are among the best on the planet, and each GUESS shoe offers a perfect finish.

We love the color and the panel on the top of the upper with the little buckle. These are just an easy going, comfortable, and very smart pair of loafers. We can imagine being comfortable wearing these on a special night out with friends or the gal of our dreams.

However, we also feel they’d be suitable for that business meeting over lunch and a coffee.

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  • Great value for money at their price point
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Very stylish and sharp looking
  • Versatile, can be worth with virtually any type of clothing
  • Very few negative comments have been made about these shoes. Some have questioned the quality, but when you consider all of the positive comments, it doesn’t seem to add up.


16) Mio Marino Wingtip Loafers

Brand Name
Mio Marino

Mio Marino refers to themselves as being the ‘curators of cultures, questers of self’. They have always operated with the goal of bringing to the marketplace, goods, and products that are remarkable. They are always on the lookout for ways to redefine what adventure, discovery, and innovation means and how to achieve all three.

Agree with their statements or not, it’s hard to not fall in love with the company’s take on Oxford-style loafer shoes above. We wouldn’t blame you for already clicking the link to buy them.

They have slick looking leather with darker tones around the toe and around the top of the heel. This comes with a dainty but sophisticated little bow on the top. They are the living and breathing embodiment of a certain kind of cool.

Running late and not sure what will go with your crisp and pressed chinos? No to worry, you don’t need to search high and low for the right shoes when you have these close to hand. Slip them on and you will look and feel like the man we both know you are deep down.

Aside from the dashing good looks, the construction of these slip-on shoes for men is also second-to-none. To top it off, according to many customers, they fit just like a glove.

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  • Classy and sophisticated styling
  • Very high-quality construction and materials
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Many customers have suggested that the shoes run a little on the large side, so it may be worth ordering a slightly bigger size than you normally would


Slip into some quality

There we have it. Our look at the wonderful and varied world of slip-on shoes for men. We hope you now know more if you came here wanting to learn about slip-on shoes. Perhaps, you’re not interested in buying some. If you’re not a slip-on newb, then we hope we’ve been able to highlight some of the great pairs that are currently available.

People are overlooking slip-on shoes for men we feel. Considered to be nothing more than casual shoes that have no place outside of the car or home. However, as you’re noticing from the shoes above, you do not need to be hiding slip-on shoes for just the odd occasion.

It can even look just as smart as even the smartest of shoes. That’s with the exception of those you might wear with a full suit and tie combination.

Whether you opt for the Cole Haan, classic Vans look or dare to rock up wearing that outlandish Gucci loafer. We know you’ll find that if you invest wisely in a pair of slip-on shoes they are likely to become your go-to everyday shoe.