Flashlights go a long way in providing you bright and sometimes blinding light. But if you don’t want all that attention from a torch, then the Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob is for you.

This durable and portable EDC gives just the right amount of glow in the dark so you can see items you need. It is portable, key-size light at best, so you can easily attach it to your backpack, keyring, bag, backpack, wallet, and more. This way, you can easily spot them without having to fumble on the flashlight switch. Best of all, since it comes with a key ring then you can also attach it to your flashlight.

The Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob glows neon bright and it does not even need batteries to work. This means no recharging, ultimate lifespan. It is self-powered and glows through the built-in cylindrical Tritium lamp inside. A CNC-machined stainless steel cage coated in black nitride secures the lamp inside.

Tritium, for those who may not know, is radioactive hydrogen isotope that produces photos through its slow decay. This means it can glow for years without a power source.

The Glow Rhino Tritium Glow Fob is also versatile. It does not just function as a night light but also as survival gear. It has a strong pointed tip that works very well as a glass breaker. So when you find yourself trapped inside the car, then this EDC and a bit of muscle strength will certainly get you out of the sticky situation.

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Images courtesy of Glow Rhino