It’s come to a point wherein some of what was previously science fiction has now become a reality. Take for example what Elon Musk has been doing. Electric cars (Tesla), tunneling machines (The Boring Company, commercial space travel (SpaceX), and brain-computer interface (Neuralink). These are definitely impressive but German Bionic aims to take it even further with its fourth-generation Cray X. This is just one of the many awesome projects that augment the user’s capabilities with some more.

While most of us would think that wearable technology is limited to true-wireless earbuds, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and others, a robotic exoskeleton sounds like it belongs in this category. Instead of relying entirely on fully-automated or remote-controlled platforms, German Bionic wants something more personal. The Cray X lets users experience what it’s like superhuman strength and endurance.

The manufacturer has been innovating and improving the technology behind it. Therefore, industrial working can offset approximately 60 lbs in weight to literally take a huge weight off your shoulders. German Bionic is going with a carbon fiber construction, which reduces the Cray X’s weight without compromise to material strength.

Using two high-performance servo motors, the Cray X can provide mechanical assistance for up to 8 hours on a single charge. Moreover, it features wireless connectivity in order to update its software and for additional calibration. German Bionic likewise includes a special visor which projects a heads-up display for essential information. Just note that it does not have extensions for the arms. Instead, it reduces the pressure on the user’s lower back to reduce the risk of injury.

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Images courtesy of German Bionics