As of now, the mobility industry is focusing on a slew of stuff like all-electric, flying, and autonomous cars. All of these are eventually going to be a mode of transportation that will accommodate passengers and cargo alike. It’s exciting to see that we’re almost at a point where what was previously science fiction is now emerging in real life. A couple of weeks ago, announcements regarding flying cars were flooding newsfeeds everywhere. Now, it’s time for the Ford Digit to give us a glimpse of the future.

While everyone else is busy working on autonomous-driving technology and personal flight. Ford is developing something else. Digit is the American carmaker’s contribution to the evolution of delivering packages. Combining advancements in robotics and self-driving platforms, the company hopes to automate all kinds of deliveries later on. With the help of Agility Robotics, it’s crafting a reliable machine that can navigate obstacles and even walk up stairs. These are the biggest limitations that other models have yet to overcome.

You’ve probably heard of deliveries being made by commercial drones, but the Ford Digit seems more practical. Drones usually have limitations when it comes to range and payload. For now, the concept will target the online shopping sector and hopefully evolve into something bigger. A demonstration shows that the journey begins inside a self-driving delivery van. Upon arrival at its destination, the robot activates and then unloads the cargo. Finally, it will leave the package on your doorstep and the system sends a notification to the recipient that their order has arrived.

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Images courtesy of Ford