The invention of AI-powered vacuum robots paved the way for the cleaning to move indoors to your lawn. The Toadi is an AI-powered robot lawnmower that trims your yard for you.

This autonomous landscaping robot uses a 4K camera and A.I to navigate its surroundings and map out routes so it does not run into objects and animals. It can handle large areas even an amazing 1.2 acres of land. It can mow borders, cuts grass in straight neat lines, and hikes up a hill at 45º. All while keeping things quiet so as not to disturb the neighbors as electric lawnmowers often do.

Moreover, the Toadi lawn robot does not require a perimeter wire or a GPS and it can easily cross borders. You can also order it not to mow a certain area. This intelligent lawnmower can cut through even the toughest of grasses thanks to its four titanium-coated blades. By default, it cuts grass at a height of 2.36 inches but you can replace the mowing disc if you want it shorter.

Likewise, similar to advanced robot vacuum cleaners, Toadi docks itself to its power station when it’s done mowing, it’s time to sleep or for a recharge. It also avoids on-path obstructions and moves around any activity in your yard. It even waits for the ground to dry up or for the rain to stop before it gets into action.

Best of all, the Toadi lawn robot uses cornstarch for its shell and has nano-coating for all-year outdoor resistance. It relies on your guide during the initial setup. After you unbox and put the charger anywhere near, you walk around your yard so it can follow you and create a 3D map of your yard. The rest then becomes automatic.

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Images courtesy of Toadi